December 11, 2008

Christmas has now come to my house

I bought this wool felt pillow last year at Room Service
I made this little pillow several years ago,from a Marie Claire Idees pattern
Little side table,all dressed up
Some of my favorite ornaments are to follow.This one I believe my daughter gave me,and I love how it looks old,but isn't.
Love little woodland creatures
I have a lot of glass birds on my tree,but this one is one of my favorites
I use to have one of these as a kid,and when I saw it, I had to have it.
I love Jennifer Murphy ornaments don't you?!

Some of the ornaments are actually very old,like this little girl..
and this Santa.
Here it is all put together.


  1. Love that squirrel.

    I've just noticed how warm it is where you are. We're down to freezing here in London.

  2. It all looks really festive. I'm so disorganised, I don't know when our decorations will go up.

  3. wow! the pillow you made is gorgeous!

  4. i love the pillow...reminds me of the grandma moses curtains that my nana used to put up during the winter months. we filled our tree this year with ornaments that came from my great-great aunt. your tree looks beautiful!

  5. i love everything, but the pillow is so gorgeous - you are so talented and patient! i also love your ornaments, especially the squirrel and the jennifer murphy's. she is such a wonderful designer. looks like your all ready for the festivities to begin.

  6. I love love LOVE the pillow you made!! ♥

  7. I love the squirrel! Actually I love all your retro-Americana glass ornaments, those are my FAVORITES!

  8. I knew you would have a squirrel ornament since you love them so much! Me too.

  9. I love all your glass ornaments. I love to collect them every year. Your home looks very cozy and Christmasy. Good job, Elizabeth!

  10. Elizabeth, I must say that your handmade pillow is my favorite of all your holiday decor. What a wonderful job you did on it.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. how cozy - i love how you've decorated! i want x-mas pillows now. :)

  12. Love the decorations! Hope you all are going to have a great holiday.
    What's on the menu for the big day? I know whatever it is, it will be fabulous :)