December 16, 2008

Things I love about Winter

This is by far my very favorite hot chocolate! Not too sweet,with a hint of cinnamon
Oranges and grapefruit,YUMMY!
Christmas M&M's, who doesn't like these little devils?!
A beautiful frosty lawn....Ya, I know, for those of you in areas where there is actually snow, this is a joke,but this is all we get here in California.

I thought I'd pop in to say hi. I'm busy making a few gifts,and getting things ready for Christmas,so I have been a bit scarce on here. Thank you for all the lovely comments on the pillow I made in my last post. I started that pillow in 2001,and put it aside. Some how it made it in our stuff that we shipped when we moved to France,and I actually finished it up there. Funny since it was from a Marie Claire Idees pattern. I got real close with the other one I was working on and posted at the beginning of the season,but since I decided to make a few gifts, I have set that one aside for a bit. I will finish it though,because I would love to have it for next Christmas. I'll post the goodies I made this year when the holidays are over,since the recipients often read my blog.
Hope everyone out there is having a very nice holiday season. Next up.....Cookie making! I'll do a post on those.


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  2. I haven't had enough coffee this first post should've been proof read. lol.
    I love your frosty lawn...we have been hit hard this year. SO much snow...and then a day of heavy rain. What a mess!
    Have a great day Elizabeth!

  3. M&M's of any color! I cannot be trusted around them.