January 23, 2009

This is what I did on a rainy afternoon

I decided to make a pear tart today, since it has been very rainy and that always says, sewing or baking. I decided I wanted to make this tart again, after I made a very silly mistake on the recipe last time. I won't say what I did, I'm just too embarrassed.
I bought this cook book in France, and I have to use my scale that I bought there when I cook from it. You feel ever so professional when your are using it :)
This part of the recipe makes the whole house smell of vanilla and pears...yummy. They have to poach in sugar water and a vanilla pod.
The pastry is a sweet crust. One that I don't normally make, but I sure do love how it rolls out.
You then have to blind bake it for a few minutes before you put it all together. I forgot to take a snap of the filling, which is ground almond, eggs, sugar and a bit of flour.
My tart pan was a bit too small, so I had a half pear left and too much filling, but I think it turned out quite lovely.. the tart pan is another "Gien" piece that I have. It has matching little dessert plates with all kinds of fruit on it.
I hope it tastes good.


  1. i don't bake...but i like the idea of vanilla in the air. it looks delicious...and thanks for the advice. we tried it out and it looks great! xo

  2. OMG. I love pear tarts. Tall Husband proposed to me in Paris over pear tarts. You've inspired me to learn to bake one. Thanks.

  3. Oooh, it looks perfect. Could just help myself to a slice.

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I will take a look on your blog today.
    In any case, your cake looks really delicious....hhhhmmmm.
    I wish that I could taste it....:o))


  5. I love vanilla and pear. This sounds heavenly.

  6. oooooooh yummy !
    I make these (some of my faves) with whatever fruits are on hand : pear, peach, apple, apricot...
    I had my new gas stove/multiple ovens installed this evening by my DH (our oven broke down on dec 30 !)and I think I'm going to spend the rest of the week baking !

  7. that looks so delicious. Yum.

  8. It's beautiful! How did it turn out?

    P.S. I put up my new blog...on Blogger, yeay! I haven't posted much, but I must say I really love the simplicity of the format. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Well, I can see that I shouldn't visit you when I am hungry. I am drooling all over my keyboard!!

    Now I will go and visit your cute daughter's blog.