February 20, 2009

A little something I stitched up

I got these adorable fruit patterns from Doe C Doe blog. If you like cute freebies, go and check out her blog, it is a fun one. At first I thought this little pattern was an orange; my husband looked at it and thought it might be an apple. Since I love red, I decided that yes indeed it is an apple.
I assumed that this was a plum. Anyone out there think that it might be a different fruit?
Your gonna laugh at what I thought this one was, I even had the floss picked out and everything. I really was convinced that it was an eggplant. Again, my husband said," Are you sure it isn't a pear?" Duh!! The rest of them are fruit, why would this be an eggplant??
They were a lot of fun to stitch up, and a nice little vacation from the sampler that I'm working on. I really need to get back to said sampler though, or it may get tucked away in the closet if I stay away too long.
Hope everyone has a great weekend :)


  1. These are all just as cute as can be! Yes, that is a plum; a sugar plum to be exact. (That was one of the first things embroidered, and the words 'sugar plum' were part of the pattern. That's the only reason I know this, lol.)

    You aren't gonna believe it, but the apple is one of my WIPS right now!!! Too funny. :)

  2. They are just so precious,and remind me of embroidered dishtowels my mom and aunties used to stitch.

    So sweet! ~m.

  3. what's funny is that I saw the pear and thought "she must have thought the eggplant was a pear". haha
    these are too cute!

  4. These are adorable. They remind me of a plate my mom had when I was growing up. It was one of those decorative onion plates that was winking. Too funny about the pear debacle. lol!

    I saw the new W.S. Easter goodies in the catalog this week. The jury is still out for me too on the new plates. The illustrations look more modern than last year's set. I love the glasses though. Let me know if the store has anything different than the internet.

    Happy shopping and stiching!

  5. the plum could totally be a strawberry, in red floss with black or yellow for the little "seeds." those little hashes kind of look like seeds to me.

    beautiful work!

  6. Aww, those are adorable Elizabeth... and I can completely see how you thought the pear was an eggplant... I think it's the little leaf in the middle hanging down her forehead that is deceiving!