February 21, 2009

Show and tell

These are our three etchings that we purchased at the Louvre, during the time we lived in France. There is this incredible store/gallery, at the Louvre, where you can purchase these amazing etchings from old plates that they have stored in this gallery. We bought the big Paris one on my birthday one year, and it is the coolest thing to look at, because it shows how Paris looked like in 1860. The top etching is of the famous painting by Igres," La Baigneuse." It was engraved by L. Boutelie.
The center one has no identification as to who executed it, but I loved how it was tinted in these pretty colors. I could never get enough of going into that place, and wish I had purchased maybe a couple of others that I had my eye on. I just thought I'd share more of my collections/ goodies that I collected while living in France. I have other items to share, so stay tuned. When there is a slow post day with not much to say, I may whip out some other photos to show you.


  1. Love the Ingres. There's just something about a nice bath, I think, that's hard to beat.

  2. I love etchings, especially French and those are wonderful.

  3. Absolutely lovely, Elizabeth. I like your selections very much.

    I'm sure the etching evoke rich memories of your time spent in France.

    Thank you for sharing them!

  4. Thanks for showing and telling. They're gorgeous.