March 23, 2009

Bouquets to Art 2009

Aren't orchids amazing?!
This was in the modern section of the De Young. Usually, the arrangements in these rooms are not my favorite, but every once in a while there are some stand outs. This one was pretty interesting.
As well as this one. Love the whimsical arrangement of the tulips.
Isn't it pretty how they used the yellow of the dress for this one?
I couldn't tell which painting or sculpture this one was trying to be, but it sure was pretty.
Every year there are some paintings that always have a very similar arrangement, this one is like that. Last year, the arrangement was pretty close to this.
Love this painting,and this one was one of my favorite arrangements. I think they did such a lovely job with the colors.
Sweet little arrangement for a darling little painting.
Loved the dramatic blackish purple leaves they used in this one to depict the dress in the painting. Very stunning in person.
I've seen better for this one in previous shows, but it is still quite nice.
I think that this one was trying to use the very large carved fireplace behind it, but it was hard to get that in this picture. I love the peach French tulips.
I opted for a close up of one aspect of this arrangement, since it was so interesting. I'm not so sure that it was one of my favorites though.
Again, I didn't see which painting or sculpture this was depicting, but is was so pretty.
This one in real life, was amazing. It really conveyed the painting I thought.

The little painting of the oranges in paper, is my favorite painting in this room. Every year, I can't wait to see the arrangement for this one. I think it was pretty nice.
Isn't it neat how the silvery plants pick up the fish in the painting?
This one was very sweet, and dainty in person.
I don't really care for the painting that this one is of, but I actually like the arrangement they did.
At first I didn't think this arrangement worked with the beautiful lady in the back, until I got home and looked at the photo again. I think it does work quite well.
OOO those beautiful tulips again!!!
This is another one that I think they do a good job with every year.
A detail
This arrangement was really something in person. Loved how they worked with those flowers to make a waterfall. *note, all pictures can be larger if clicked on!!

I really look forward to this show every year. While the De Young was getting rebuilt a few years back, they would do the show at The Legion of Honor. I must say that I favor that museum for this show much more,as all the painting are mainly French and Italian. The paintings really lend themselves to be conveyed in flowers. I remember one year they did a flower arrangement of this one extremely large painting of a Russian wedding. In the painting was a very beautiful carpet. Someone decided to copy the carpet in flowers! Gorgeous, is what I remember, along with other very inspired arrangements. I hope that they decide to take turns in the future and bring the show back to The Legion of Honor.
All in all, this year was a tad disappointing for me. There weren't any big stand outs that left a big impression for me. It was however a very lovely night out,and a nice welcoming in of the spring season.


  1. Wow, Elizabeth! Wonderful show, and you and your new Nikon did a superb shoot! Watch out Paris.

  2. Thanks Annie, I had a lot of fun taking them, then looking at them better at home on the computer. It is hard to tell sometimes if the shot is clear when you are surrounded by people waiting their turn to take a photo.

  3. i don't think i ever knew about this living in the bay area! i would have loved to see it. i especially love the hydrangeas - the petals look like little paintings to me.

  4. i'll bet you were so excited when you saw how beautiful the photos turned out!

  5. i think the floral arrangements are stunning and i love them in combination with the art. it does look like you and your nikon are getting along very well ;)!

  6. Gosh, those photographs are gorgeous. You're clearly getting to grips with the new camera.

  7. this is so cool!! Your pictures turned out really nice.

  8. These are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! My favorites are the blue and white arrangements. LOVELY!