March 19, 2009

Playing with the new Nikon

These are a couple of sample shots I took with the new camera, nothing special,but I do love the clarity of the pictures.
Tomorrow I plan to go to the "Bouquets to Art" at the De Young museum in San Francisco. Last year I got very frustrated with the camera I had,and the quality of photos that I got from it. This year, barring the people not stressing me out, I may have some beautiful photos to share with you. For those who don't remember my post last year, it is a show where floral designers interpret a work of art in the museum in a floral display. It is always so much fun, and you can't believe the creativity of some of the designers. So, stay tuned for those. They will be much prettier, I hope, than the above boring photos :)


  1. Elizabeth,
    Such beautiful shots! You started shooting sooner than I did when we got the new camera. I was so afraid of it. You go Girl! Or as Saara my daughter-in-law would say, "Brava Chica!"

  2. good job !!!!! i love these shots !

    ps : U2 ticket sale for the stade de france Paris / july 11th starting online 9.30am french time tomorrow (and most likely for one hour or so only !) --- there's another date available on the french riviera (Nice) --- that was just in case you're interested... going to such a concert abroad makes it even better ! ;)

  3. LOVE the new camera. I'm envious beyond belief. Never in a million years would I ever think I would want so badly to own a decent camera. But blogging has made me many things I never thought I'd be.

    Right before I read your post I was visiting Cece over at All Dolled Up and she posted about the same exhibit.

    Love and happy picture snapping!


  4. Those photos are fab. Now you've got me hankering after a new camera!

  5. looks like you're getting the hang of it! you're going to have such fun!! i am shopping for a new camera too. the family is already enjoying the new room, i'll take some shots of it today to share!

  6. Hello Elizabeth! Thanks for visiting my page, for leaving a comment. I love your blog. One of my favorite Ella Fitzgerald songs has a line about gossamer wings. And the art show you attended -- I've never seen anything like it in my life! Wonderful. Thanks for shooting it so well so we could all enjoy it.