March 16, 2009

Day to day life in another time

This is a shopping center in the 16th arrondissement In Paris. This is where I did my daily shopping for food and other goodies. Tucked away under this apartment building is a whole shopping center with a grocery store,Gap, H&M, and much, much more. There are some days where my mind will wander to this shopping center, where I spent a lot of time, and I wonder to myself, what might be going on at that moment, or what has changed in the little center, that use to be such a big part of our daily living. One of my favorite grocery stores was in there( Inno.) Inno had everything that some of the more popular French stores did not. Most French people outside of Paris that I spoke to, said it was kind of a snobby store and it was best to go to the local markets instead. They were right, but I loved that store because it was so close to the supermarkets in America,and there were some days where you just wanted a bit of familiarity.
On this street "Rue Passy" were other lovely shops, cafes, and most important the patisserie!
This is the apartment that we were so lucky to live in. I posted this picture a while back,some of you may or may not have seen it. I have included a couple more that I don't think I did last time. Through some wonderful connections, this place was found for us,and paid for by my husbands company. It was quite large: Three good sized bedrooms, three bathrooms, office.The picture above is of the main living room, equipped with the most beautiful French antiques, parquet flooring and many other charming details.
This is a partial picture of the dinning room, which was very large and had such gorgeous furniture in it. We only ate in it once,because we were afraid we would spill something on the beautiful rug. It was equipped with china and beautiful flatware also.
This isn't a great shot of the kitchen, but I loved that little blue hutch, that housed charming dinnerware and serving pieces. The table in front of it, was where we mainly ate. I would love to have that little antique farm table here. The person who owned this place, really had a lot of faith in people that he rented it to,because I would have been a nervous wreck thinking about how people would not take care of all the lovely things that were in it.
This fire place was in the office off of the main living room, and had the neatest desk and cool etchings of Napoleon on the wall. It was also the TV room, and a place more people could sleep, as the couch in it pulled out to a bed. The walls were green velvet. If you click on the picture you may be able to see the antique sampler on the wall on the upper left. It was stitched in the 1800's.
We also were spoiled with a housekeeper that came once a week to tidy up,and an elevator that opened up into the hallway to the kitchen. This was so handy when you bought way too many groceries and couldn't hall them up several flights of stairs.
Yes, we were spoiled rotten for three months. I think I have been thinking about my daily routine there because we will be going to France at the end of May for three weeks,and I'm always excited to see what has changed in the old 16Th, and our village that we ended up outside of Paris. Last time we drove by the apartment, we stood outside wondering what lucky people where there now. It is a temporary rental for vacation, or like what we did, so if you would ever want to rent a sweet pad in Paris for a week or so let me know, I still have all the info on it to contact the guy.
We just set up our new computer,and my husband needs to upload a few more things so that I can start using our new camera. So, this is one reason for a trip down memory lane. I've had to use pictures that are already uploaded. I hope I didn't make you all sleepy in my ramblings. Just thought I'd share a slice of a day to day life in another time.


  1. Your posting really brings back memories: My daughter and her family also lived in the 16th, just walking distance from the Passy shopping Center. I've been to all those shops (even bought my grandson clothes from the Gap.) And what a gorgeous apartment. Lucky you.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth with the comment you left on my blog!
    We never get sick of telling that story!

    I love your apartment. My goodness! It's gorgeous.
    Paris is my favourite city in the world. I love it so much. Enjoy every moment.

  3. HI Elizabeth! We just went to the french bistro you recommended and we loved it! It reminded me so much of our honeymoon in France and the quaint little places we went to. It is so fun to see photos of "your Paris!"
    (i'm crossing my fingers that when I hit enter this goes through. :)

  4. Yippee! The typepad curse has passed apparently? A long time ago you inquired about the image on my banner. That is my husband down by the water in our little town, Benicia.
    Oh, and are you and your girls going to the Vintage Expo this weekend? I just want to make sure they know of it since it seems like it would really be up their alley.

  5. beautiful. i would give my husband to live in paris. just kidding, i would want him with me but i would give just about anything else. we were lucky enough to spend a day there once and wished it could have been so much more.

  6. Lovely photographs. I've never lived abroad so I do envy you your experience of Parisian life. The longest I've spent there is 5 days, shortly after being married. We had very little money and I seem to remember lots of baguettes and cheese being eaten in parks!

  7. that was not an apartment... but a castle !! haha ! beautiful !

    i know this shopping center ! however i've not been there for a few years either ! and i think there's another inno facing the montparnasse station (the one i'm the most familiar with)