March 31, 2009

Migration of the painted lady butterfly

Last week I kept noticing many, many butterflies fluttering about. I would say swarms of them,but I don't want to make it sound yucky, since it was such a beautiful site to see these delicate painted ladies fluttering about. I just never had seen so many at once! It has now been over a week, and they just keep on coming. I don't think I have ever seen this living in the Bay Area for as many years as I have. I spoke with a friend yesterday about them, and she said that the last time she saw this was when we were living in France, and that there were even more than this time. I'm glad that I have been able to witness it this time around. Today in our local paper, there was finally an article that explained why we were seeing them and the migration route. I guess they have hatched from southern California dessert areas,and are now heading north,and we are lucky to be in the migration path. In August they head south, back to the dessert areas for winter.
It makes it so pleasant to be outdoors and seeing spring at its most beautiful and whimsical!
I have been working on the red top that I mentioned a while back,and I may have some pictures as soon as tomorrow to show and tell. It came out fairly nice,so I will either be in it or just take a photo of it.
I'm off to the fabric store today to buy some material for more dresses and tops. Caitlin and I went shopping for dresses this past weekend,and I just could not justify spending a hundred plus on some the simplest dresses we saw, so it's off to the fabric store instead!
Hopefully I'll have more to share with you all.
In the mean time, Happy Spring to everyone!!!


  1. I needed a beautiful butterfly this morning! Thanks for the great photo. I haven't seen very many this year. I think I need to plant some different flowers to make them include me on their path.

    Can't wait to see your new tops and dresses.

  2. Have fun sewing...I really do need to get my machine out again soon. I have had fabric hung in my window for a few months now. Time to turn it into curtains!

  3. i grew up near san diego and this has always been one of my favorite things about springtime, the monarch butterfly migration. they are all over the place up here in sacramento, but out in the desert near san diego there are swarms of them everywhere. it's beautiful and wonderful to see.

  4. How wonderful to be in the migration path of Painted Ladies! Here in London it is the month that those freakin' clothes moths emerge having eaten their way through your best cashmere sweaters. I've killed three already. I don't think I can take it...