April 1, 2009

More projects and a finnished top

Yesterday I had to go to the fabric store to get some buttons and biased tape for my red top. I ended up getting these two fabrics for another top and skirt. Funny thing though, when I got home, I noticed that the patterned fabric was very similar to the Liberty of London fabric I bought for another top! At least the colors are different. My eye just went right to it, and thought it would be great for summer.
I had no one to take a photo of me in this, so here it hangs. This fabric was going to be originally for a skirt, though it was very difficult to use on most of the skirt patterns that I had, since most of them curved at the bottom, and you would have lost some of the design. I happened to find this pattern, that actually was meant for a boarder. It looks pretty cute on, and maybe I'll actually model it at a later date.
I've got the sewing bug, so I'm off to make something else....... Maybe a dress for Caitlin this time.


  1. I LOVE IT! i love red. good for you to make something for yourself!

  2. Visiting from Eireann's blog. You are so talented, love the red!

  3. love love love that print you just got. gorgeous! i have a really cute dress pattern that would look great with that print. which shop did you find it at?

    love love love the top also! beautiful.

  4. that top is fabulous! I love the way the bottom is printed.

    Do you know the name/# of that pattern?

  5. The red is going to be lovely; you'll definitely need to model it later!

    Thank you so much for your comment. I've been really enjoying the little tidbits of advice. I think all of it adds up in the end and helps out, and it all definitely contributes to how I view the birth plan in the first place!

  6. Hi Elizabeth-
    beautiful top! I love the fabric, too. Thanks for your note on my blog - very cool that we're neighbors!

  7. your red top is wonderful and i love the liberty fabric!