May 7, 2009

Fabric Fun and a little pal

I went to Piedmont Fabrics last week and picked up some pretty fun material. This one was so cool, that I thought a little book bag would be cute, since it is thicker in weight.
I love dotted Swiss, and I haven't decided if this is for me or for Caitlin.
This fabric does very strange things to the eye. I laid it out to cut a dress for Caitlin, and it was doing me in a bit. It is a very lightweight cotton, that almost looks as if the hearts were batiked on there. The pattern I'm using for this one is very cute, from the "Project Runway" collection of patterns that Simplicity has. I had hoped to show you the dress that I just finished for Caitlin on this post, but I didn't get a chance to have her slip into it yet. Tomorrow I will have the opportunity, so stay tuned.....
I went out to water the three little plants in the entrance to my house, and this little guy slithered out of the flower bed, and wasn't at all frightened of me. He let me take several shots of him, and I bet when I finish this post, he will probably still be out there. I'll call him Frederick, I think he is kinda cute for a slithery little guy.


  1. these are so pretty !
    and i'm looking forward to seeing the dress !
    we have those little lizards here as well, they show up on warm old stone walls on sunny days !

    happy mother's day Elizabeth, have a love Sunday with your family :)

    ps : I've been outside a lot, but be sure to get some mail from me next week & thanks so much for the nice offer

  2. oops typo !! I wanted to say a lovely Sunday... but love is not inappropriate for that special day anyway ! ;)

  3. Those prints are really pretty, cant wait to see what you make! I'm went crazy yesterday and drafted some patterns, and cut them out of the vintage fabric that I have been meaning to use. Today I made a dress for the party I'm going to tonight. I will of course post pictures!