June 15, 2009

Vacation Part 2

The second day in the south, we took a day trip to Toulouse. The above picture is of the main square. It was real fun to go there this time with Pierre, since he grew up there. He showed us his old home and various schools that he attended. (picture credit to David)
This is the other side of the square. The hotel pictured, is where we stayed in 2006. I really liked it and hoped to stay there again, but the prices shot up. Toulouse is a very interesting city, with a university feel,and many wonderful shops to look at. It is sometimes referred to as "La Ville Rose," because a lot of the buildings are red brick, and when the sun starts to set, the city looks pinkish.( Picture credit to David)
We just finished lunch when this shot was taken, on a side street. (Picture credit to David)
This is the entrance to a shop on a boat. This is where I got my sugared violets.(Picture credit to David)
The shop had a small history of the popularity of the violets in Toulouse,and various objects that you could buy, besides sugared violets. (Picture credit to David)
This is Saint Felix's main square, where we stayed.
Love these old buildings!
More of the square ....
and this is the picture I forgot to include yesterday, of the view from our room. It was so pretty and relaxing. You could hear all the swallows squeaking and flying around. They are out in droves, trying to snap up all the flying insects.
Our last lunch with Jaquie and Michele.
The master at work. They were very good by the way!!!
As promised yesterday, here are some shots of the place Nicole and Pierre stayed. Nicole is allergic to the cat that his parents have, so they stayed in this beautiful inn. Next time we go, it would be fun to stay there.
How cool is that fireplace?!
Dave coming into the front . The apron to the right was for sale,along with others that were tempting me.
The room behind the round glass table is so pretty too,and the chairs were so neat.
This is another shot coming in from the front.
Along with the stunning front yard, the backyard was equally as beautiful. The owner is an artist that specializes in making iron creations, like the staircase in the photos above. Also all the banisters,and some of the beds were made by him.
This adorable "Roulotte" was in their backyard in the garden. Lined in the front with lavender, and a cute table. It was a room that you could stay in, complete with a small kitchen and toilette. The small wood structure off to the left is an out door shower! It was pretty magical.
Wish you could find one of these in the States. Later in the trip I found a coffee table book on them and bought it. I'll show you soon....

Here are a couple of shots of some of the beautiful trees and plants in Jaquie's garden. Don't the cherries look amazing!
Can't resist those darling bumble bees. Tomorrow we head to Bordeaux.......Hope you enjoyed these.


  1. beautiful to see...thanks for sharing. i was pointing my camera at big fat bumblebees too!

  2. love the inn ! (they have my dream metal stairs !!!) and the roulotte !

    now it's our turn to enjoy the mandalay bay hotel & Co ! ;)

  3. Your "room with a view" was FABULOUS!!!
    LOVED the roulette, sp? It has a gypsy wagon aire about it.
    Oooh and the Americans in Paris photo is perfect.
    Your daughter's hat is too cute!