June 16, 2009

Part 3

We are now in Bordeaux region of France. The little medieval village we stayed in was called Saint Macaire. Through the arch way you see in the tower, the old part of the village lies.(picture by David)
This was the view we had from our room. The church in the distance was built in medieval times. They would sound the church bells non-stop it seemed! On the hour, it would chime the right amount of times, but when it hit the half hour mark, it would go crazy, and sometimes we would lose count at 30 times that they would sound the bell!!( picture by David)
The entrance to our hotel was in front of the blue umbrella you see in the distance (picture by David)
The next pictures are of some very important wineries of the region. David is the wine person person of the family, so I must say that this portion of the trip was for him.
David wanted his picture taken out in front of Chateau Margaux, since those were the gates that apparently Thomas Jefferson went through.
You can't go in there since it is a private residence. Can you imagine living in that beautiful place?!
The next two wineries are ones that David bought wine from for the girls 21st birthdays. This is the one where Caitlin's bottle comes from.
There are no words for how gorgeous that grass was!!! It was like green velvet, with no dead patches in sight!
Don't they look cute?!

This is where Nicole's bottle came from. We drank it already, since she turned 21 in 2006. It was wonderful.
What a dreamy looking place.
On one of the days we took a side trip to Saint Emilion. It was a beautiful village, filled mostly with wine shops and their regional specialty of a dessert called "canele"We never did get one, but later that night we had some ice cream at our hotel that had chunks of it mixed with vanilla.

This was a little macaroon shop.
Roof top view of Saint Emilion.
Back at the hotel, which had very good food, we all ordered this dish pictured above and below. It was duck in some sort of onion broth with lots of olives. We loved it so much we had it twice!
Yummy!! I forgot to include a picture of this Chateaux we tried to see, but it was only open at certain times of the day. We never got to go in, but it looked so neat. I'll tack it onto tomorrows post. Part 4 will be in England!


  1. I love the little macaroon shop, do you have pictures of the front? The lighting looks pretty magical there. I want that duck right now!! F the fish and chips ahhha.

  2. welcome home! i'm enjoying your photo tour!

  3. ANOTHER gorgeous room with a view!
    Ooh, and a macaroon shop...HEAVEN!