June 17, 2009

England/vacation part 4

After a quick flight over the pond from Bordeaux, we arrived in Bath at about 7:00 pm. We stayed in this beautiful place called, "The Apsley House:Bed and Breakfast". We highly recommend this B&B! The owners were so friendly and the breakfasts were amazing.
Back side of the B&B
Welcome in.......
We sat there in the evening and it was so relaxing, with great music in the background,and an open bar.
Breakfast room, this picture doesn't do it justice.
This was our room. I loved the comfy bed.
This was our first night in Bath,and we walked to a local pub for some dinner.
The famous Royal Crescent. I'd seen this so many times featured in movies, that I just had to see it in real life. For some reason, I thought the stone work was more on the white side, so it kind of took me by surprise. Still beautiful none the less.
Linked by Brock Street, is King's Circus.
The Bath Abbey
The Roman Baths. We took the tour, and it was quite interesting. I have a ton on pictures,but I think this one sums it up.
Sights of Bath, with Caitlin in the foreground.
This guy was going at a good clip with this charming wagon of flowers!
We had dinner at Jamie's Italian. This is one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants. We were hoping to try at least one of them while we were in England. We thought it would be neat to go to his restaurant called "15," in St. Ives, but it wasn't easy to get a reservation. This restaurant concept comes from his cookbook called "Jamie's Italy" and includes some of the recipes in that book.
Caitlin waiting for her food, and probably missing Cyrous....
This antipasto plate was yummy.
The pasta we had was "linguine, with prawns and arugula" I have made this from his cookbook. I'll have to say, it was much better in the restaurant, than when I made it.
This is the part of the post where I show and tell what I purchased. For those of you who know about Cath Kidston, then you know my excitement to see this storefront!
There were just too many things to choose from!
Caitlin managed to find a little shower cap and some lotion.
Pin cushion
I can't wait to make some of the projects in this book. It even came with a free muslin tote inside and a skein of DMC floss.
This is an up close picture of the oil cloth tote bag that I bought for myself.
Backing up a bit, here is that darn chateaux in Bordeaux, that we couldn't get in because of time constraints. The photos of the inside looked so neat.

Bath was loads of fun and I found it a very pleasant and beautiful city, I wish we had more time there. We also ate at some wonderful places there and found the people very friendly.
See you tomorrow, where we will leave for Cornwall.....


  1. Elizabeth, what can I say? Your wonderful photos say it all. What a fabulous vacation.

  2. Elizabeth, your vacation looks absolutely amazing! You must have had so much fun with your family! I would love to visit a real Cath store one day :o)

  3. Wow that hotel is high class!! I really love that little store with all the florals!

  4. it looks fantastic! your photos are wonderful!

  5. I just bought some Kidston napkins! It was like a miracle...here they were, all they way up north! I would LOVE to tour one of those sweet shops!

  6. I've been to Bath but before Cath Kidston had her shop there. I'm so jealous, do you know if you can get her products in the US? Thanks! p.s. love your blog!

  7. I fell in love with Bath as a schoolgirl. The train rounded a curve and I was overawed with it's golden beauty. Ended up at University there. Many's the time I have walked to the top of Bathwick or Widdecombe Hill. Gorgeous.

    Looks like you had a lovely holiday. I do hope so.

  8. you both are BEUTIFUL!
    and the pic with the man and the flowers cart is marvelous!
    and the shop!!!! ho! ho! lovely!!!!!

  9. oh what a B&B !!! la vie de chateau !!!
    Bath is one of my favorite town in England, we've been there quite a few times :) it is architecturally SO beautiful !
    But it was some years ago and there wasn't this CK shop, or I missed it ! I'd be unable to get out of the shop anyway !!!

  10. oh I wish I could have been with you on that cath kitson playdate...

  11. Okay, I am gaga over the Cath Kidson shop. I wouldn't have wanted to leave. Your B&B was AMAZING! How did you know where to stay?