June 19, 2009

England part 5

After leaving Bath, we took a detour to Stonehenge. One of those things you have to see before you die. I guess a lot of people are disappointed by them when they visit, and think that they are super massive. I knew going in that they were not, so when I did lay eyes on them, I was impressed. The surrounding area had an eerie feel to it, in a mythical kind of way. We took the self guided tour, where you listen to a hand held device, and you go to numbers surrounding the stones. I think they did a good job in making you think about how they came to be, and some of the mystery behind it.
This was one of the cottages at the inn we stayed in. The couple who ran it were so very nice, and pleasant to chat with. They lived upstairs from the main building where we stayed, and had two small boys. Very cute family ,and they had loads of stories to tell about their travels to the U.S.
This leg of the trip was spent driving the coast of Cornwall, and the following pictures are from that.
This is Saint Michael's Mount. We didn't get to go out there, because the tide came in, and you would have to take a boat ride out. The weather was quite chilly and windy also, so we decided to admire it from afar.
The coast line of Cornwall
I love foxgloves, and they were growing everywhere wild!
Loved this little lane.....
This is the place where David introduced Caitlin and me to "Cream Tea." This family owned farm rents this beautiful location that you see in the above picture, for vacations. Wouldn't that be cozy.
They serve "Cream Tea" out here or indoors. This was taken right before it started to pour rain, so we had ours indoors....
Look at this beautiful sight!! The yellow buttery looking spread is clotted cream. YUMMMMMMY. The scones just came out of the oven when we walked in. This was so good, there are no words!!(picture credit David)


  1. I really want to hang out by that water! Its sooo beautiful! I love foxgloves too and I am so jealous that people get to live around and walk by them everyday!!! I am so sad to leave Glasgow!!! This is our last night :( We did EVERYTHING though, except for the transport museum, haha I think I will survive! Post time!

  2. Really beautiful photos! Love the scenery...

  3. i love england and your photos are making me so happy. they're great!

  4. Ah, the lethally addictive cream tea. Probably just as well that you are back home otherwise who knows what the outcome would be!

  5. After this post, I can wait no longer to visit England!!! But first, I should improve my english! Great photos!

  6. ho woww woww! I want to live in this cottage! sit and drew there all day long!!!!
    and these foxgloves are amazing! The truth is that I crochet some right now!

  7. these pictures are such eye-candy ! and I love cream tea as well !!!

  8. BEAUTIFUL photographs! Love the scenery.