July 22, 2009

The simple dress that took forever!

This dress was a simple little design that took a while, only because of the fact that a. I stopped working on it right before our trip, and b. I had problems with the original design of the collar area. The pattern number is Simplicity #2725. It was one of the new "Project Runway" designs. The original design had a ruffle starting in the middle of the front collar, going straight down. I decided that it kind of looked too clownish, and so did Caitlin. ( You can see her boyfriend waiting patiently in the mirror )
Detail of one of the many pleated petals. The edges are deconstructed, so it should be interesting how it holds up when it gets washed.
The little red felt heart, will be tinkered with as the days go. I want to put a permanent brooch pin on the back. I bought these felt hearts in Paris, in the craft section of Le Bon Marche.

So, this it the little dress that was holding me up and making me go crazy! Now that it is done, I feel like a huge creative weight has been lifted. It felt like sewers block, and by no means was this dress difficult to make. I guess it is just one of those things!


  1. What an adorable dress. I looked at the original design and I really like the change you made.

  2. J'adore ce!

    I love the adjustments you made to the original design, and that fabric! *sigh* too cute.

    Absolutely lovely Elizabeth, and Caitlin is a perfectly beautiful model for your creation. :)

    Omg... those DARLING shoes!!!

    Picture perfect...very, very nice. xo~m.

  3. So very cute! But then again I can't imagine Caitlin not looking great in anything, she is simply beautiful!

    Dan-the-Man and I honeymoon up in Sonoma/Napa and it is beautiful there. My sister lived in Forestville for YEARS and we loved her place. My niece lives in Santa Rosa and nephew in Sonoma right off teh square. I'll have to traumatize you when I get out that way! That would be too much fun. We could have Dim Sum in San Fran!

    We'll have to compare notes (pictures) when we get done with our Heather Bailey pin cushions for show-n-tell!

  4. Everyone ends up with a project that gets put aside but yours turned really cute! Sometimes our
    brains just need to be turned off for awhile! Great Job!!!

    PS---Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll tell the bunnies and fireflies hello for you. :)

  5. love love love it!!! the collar is perfect - just big enough so it's a really cool part of the design but not clownish-big with any extra ruffling. (something i would try to avoid as well!)

    you really make the most adorable things. :)

  6. although painful to create, the dress is wonderful. i love the ruffle collar. i have a blouse with a deconstructed edge and i've had no problems with it in the wash. enjoy your new found freedom!

  7. love everything about it!...next project!?... let me know where your dad is thinking of buying. toodles xo

  8. Thanks for the sweet comment! I love your style and your cool blog. I think I'll be an official reader from here on out!

  9. That dress is adorable but can't hold a candle to the wearer. She is gorgeous.

    I have to ask a sewing related question - did you make the slip covers for your chairs? I'm trying to muster up the courage to try my hand at it.

  10. I love it !!!
    especially the butterfly sleeves (sorry that's the French trnaslation, litterally)
    and your daughter is such a great model. Really she should go to castings. (no matter how tall / cf. our conversation) no doubt such a pretty face would be noticed.

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