July 20, 2009

Projects that are in the queue

I have been so desperately trying to motivate myself to cut this dress out and get it sewn. What is stopping me? Well, there is another dress that is not quite finished, and I just can't start this one until the other is done. I put the other one down when we went on vacation,and it is truly almost done. I'm tired of complaining about it now,and today is the day!! I will finish that dress, so that I can cut this one out and move on. I bought this pattern last year,and they no longer sell it anymore. I went to look it up, because I forgot to bring the pattern with me for reference, to buy some notions. To my dismay,they dropped it! I always wonder why they keep really ugly dated ones,and then cute ones like this, seem to just vanish! The sales women at the fabric store seems to think that the pattern is more difficult than most,and maybe didn't sell. The bodice has boning in it, and that may be the problem.
The fabric I'm using is from Anna Sui, and it is kind of a heavy weight thick cotton, with the above as a border on the bottom. I think it will be real cute. Send me good vibes everyone, so that I can complete the other project today!
I bought this cute little pattern last week at a quilt shop. I can't wait to make some of the pin cushions. There is a cute strawberry pattern that I really want to make. As you can see it is from the adorable Heather Bailey at "Hello, My Name Is Heather."
I know this picture doesn't fit in with the sewing post that this is, but I couldn't resist showing you these appetizer plates that I got at CB2 this weekend. I think I may duplicate the image and embroider them on to some cocktail napkins that I have. I think they are hilarious.

I had a very special day on Friday, where I got to meet, in person ,Valerie from "Un arc -en-ciel dans le lavabo." We met in San Francisco for a few hours,and we had the most delightful conversation. I got to meet her adorable little girl, whom she was vacationing with. I forgot to bring my camera to take a photo of ourselves. Perhaps one day I will go visit her in France and I will have my camera this time!! Go to her blog and check out how talented she is.....She sells her goodies too.


  1. I'm sending you some of my good vibes, so that I can see that cute dress in today's posting. I love that pear pin cushion, too.

    How exciting that you met a vacationing blogeuse.

  2. Hope you got your project finished. Your new pattern looks great and the fabric is gorgeous.

  3. Good luck with your projects--It's
    very easy to drop one and move on. I applaud you for sticking with finishing the first dress. The pin
    cushions are cute too.

  4. You and I are on the same page! I just got myself motivated to finish a sewing project too! Another coincidence is I bought THAT VERY PATTERN from Heather Bailey and can't wait to make the pear and strawberries. Amy Butler fabric would be real cute to use.

    I used to sew all the time when I was younger, but now it seems you can buy clothes cheaper than sewing them. Of course there is the satisfaction of doing your own project which is very rewarding.

    I also met a blog friend, had my camera, and zoned about taking pictures....are you sure we are not related?

  5. I look forward to seeing that dress! :) I have been having a bit of a lack of inertia too. I won't let myself start a new project until I finish the old one but I don't want to finish the old one darn it! ;) Well, your sewing skills are very inspiring and better than mine and I went to design school for goodness sake! I hope all is well and I hope Miss Caitlin is feeling better. It was fun to run into you at WF. -Cece

  6. I hope you'll meet again.
    It has been the highlight of my SF stay !!! merci merci merci !!!
    (I wish I had taken a pic as well !)
    You're such a delightful person !