July 13, 2009

Farmers Market

A couple of weekends ago, I went to our farmers market and bought lots and lots of flowers. Our farmers market is year round, and I have been too lazy to go. I decided that I should start going to at least buy flowers every week for the house. I've blogged before about how I think having cut flowers in the house is so good for your well being,and how much life it brings to your home. As of now, I have been just picking up bouquets at Whole Foods,where I shop, and not taking advantage of the wonderful farmers market that we have in our town. I didn't get to go this past Sunday, but this is what I got last week. They have faded since,but I had so much fun arranging them. The bachelor button flowers and sweet William flower arrangement was simple in this cute vase with a screw top metal grid of sorts. Instant dome with no fuss.
I love lavender and the scent always reminds me of freshly washed white linen. So, I bought three bunches,and decided to make a wreath out of them. I haven't made a wreath in many years, so I'm a bit rusty. I should have bought a fourth bunch to make this fuller, but it was still fun to make.
Start with making little bundles like the one above....
Then begin attaching them with the same wire. I always wrap the bundle, and then continue wrapping it on the form, with out making a cut in between.
Finished result. Like I said, it could be a bit fuller, but I love the smell and it is nice to have fresh lavender in the house.

As for my sewing, I've had a few distractions lately and I hope to get to it this week,and have something to show for it on here. Stay tuned.............


  1. the bouquet (love the shape and colors) and lavender wreath look wonderful!

  2. The wreath is lovely. I can almost smell it from here.

  3. Hi Elizabeth! Sorry I've been mia lately, but I've had so much FUN catching up. :) Lovely photos, your fresh flowers are gorgeous and I truly enjoyed your travel photos. Very. very nice! xo

  4. Elizabeth, love your flower arrangement. And that lavender is wonderful in a wreath.

  5. I love having fresh flowers too! I love your happy vase, it just puts you in a whole different mood when you get to see and smell fresh flowers inthe house. I am crazy about lavendar. My husband and I have a sachet and rub it on our pillows at night before going to bed, it just puts you in dream land. You did a great job on your wreath, I bet it smells heavenly! Watch out, you'll probably start getting request from people that will want one!

  6. i rather like the way the wreath turned out, kind of wispy and delicate. it must smell heavenly!

  7. I love that bouquet, and the wreath.
    Do you find that the fresh lavendar makes a mess as it dries?

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments on the flowers!
    Kelly, I only find that if it is knocked, then it kind of makes a mess. But what I did was make the wreath when the lavender was still fresh and bendable. Then as it dries, I try not to mess with it much.

  9. those are gorgeous
    i was thinking about making a lavender wreath myself. i've never done a wreath