July 7, 2009

Summer fun

Decided to go up and visit my sister yesterday,and spend the afternoon with her. Caitlin and her boyfriend, Cyrous, decided to join me. Who could resist taking a dip in the crystal clean pool!
My posts have been pretty random, just like my summer so far. Just thought I'd share a little of what is going on with our lazy days. The picture above is of my nephew Matthew, doing a cannon ball into the pool, with Caitlin and Cyrous looking on.
Caitlin being a ham, with her boyfriend and my niece Isabella looking on.
The cutie pie dog is named "Ella." She was bugging them non stop to throw her little ball.
She kept dropping it in the pool to get someones attention!
I made another pie! This time blueberry.
Into the oven......It turned out yummy, but since I made it later in the evening, I didn't take a picture of the finished product. It's gone now, so you will have to trust me that it turned out pretty :)

I will be sewing most of the day today, and I have this really cool fabric that I will be working with. I'll share photos soon.


  1. nice pie! being a muskoka girl, i love blueberries. when the time is right, i'll be heading to the cottage to pick them before the bears find them!
    our summer has been pretty slow going. we just suffered through days and days of rain and i have had to turn the furnace back on a few times! that pool looks lovely...where is elizabeth in her bikini???

  2. That's a beautiful pie! Tall Husband is an absolute blueberry fool, so he would love it if I baked a blueberry pie for him.

  3. What a pretty pie! I am just catching up with all my blogs and I almost had to stop reading yours because the pictures of France were making me so jealous.

  4. Oh that pool water looks refreshing! What a fun family day....nothing beats having a cold drink and being with your family on warm afternoon!