June 29, 2009

Random post and getting back into the swing of things

June is our big month,as you know, if you have been following my blog from last year at this time. If there are no graduations, then it starts with our wedding anniversary followed by David's birthday. I don't have good pictures of the really nice place where we celebrated David's 50th birthday, but I do have a link....here. Once you check out the site, you will see what a nice time we had!
We had a little break from family celebrations to have a visit from our dear friends from college. I decided to make a cherry vanilla pie for dessert.
Haven't made a lattice top in a while, it was so much fun.
bubbling out of the oven. I used a recipe that was on Rebekka's site.
Later I'll do a post on the amazing store where I got these. The name is Berkeley Bowl. They opened up a new site,and I went crazy with the produce! Look at these amazing heirloom tomatoes!
Fruit is always so pretty on a platter.
Here is the whole feast.
Welcome to Nicole's 24th birthday. Table is set, it's time to eat!
Nicole requested her favorite pasta that I make. Salmon/leek and lemon over linguine.
Took me the better part of a day to make this cake. It was from Ina Garten's first cookbook. The frosting was time consuming,but so worth it. I haven't made a butter cream that you have to heat egg whites, then whip them until they are glossy followed by a whole pound of butter and two types of chocolate melted!!! Wowzers it was good.
We end June with a big wish and a very Happy Birthday to Nicole!!!


  1. Oh, my gosh! Nicole gets cake AND pie for her birthday!?! Do you have any more room for daughters in your family?

    The pie looks amazing, I hope you loved it as much as I do. And the cake...I LOVE the flowers on the chocolate frosting!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. Happy birthday David and Nicole. Happy anniversary to Elizabeth and David!

  3. yum! what a good looking cake! many more celebrations! best wishes...xo

  4. i know berkeley bowl - it's fabulous!! produce in every color, so much fun.

    your celebrations always look so special. i love how you decorated that cake!!

    happy belated birthdays and anniversary to you all. :)

  5. Oh, well done you, Elizabeth. And what a stunning birthday cake.

  6. Awwww, Happy Birthday to Nicole! I <3 your daughter's blog. In fact, that's how I found yours. :) Nicole is so creative, beautiful and has such a wonderful sense of style!

  7. That cake looks fabulous,the stuff of family lore. Perhaps it will inspire one of Nicole's amazing ensembles.

  8. what an awesome birthday celebration dinner!!

  9. HOLY SMOKES!!! That cake looks amazing, not to mention you cherry pie! You are a domestic goddess!
    I'll have to look up that recipe and test things out :)

    Smiles, Nancy

  10. what.a.cake !!!
    I hope Nicole had a joyeux anniversaire :)