June 24, 2009

Paris and Monoprix /part 9

I just had to include one touristy picture of Paris right?! I didn't snap very many shots of Paris because three out of the four days we were there it rained, and I'm not talking showers. When David drove around the Arc de Triomphe it was pouring rain!! At the best of times, this is a very scary place to be,but I'm pleased to say he handled it like a seasoned Parisien! He took the above photo, mine didn't turn out as good as this one.
After the rain, you have a shinny Parisien street......

Next I take you to MONOPRIX
See this handy escalator?, Well, when you place your shopping cart on it, it latches on somehow and you can take your cart up and down with no problem. Let me back up a minute here. I use to shop in this store when we lived there,and it was by far my very favorite grocery store. Not only does it have food, it has all kinds of other goodies , like clothing and housewares. Think grocery store/Target. I really miss this place.......
Straight ahead, you have the very cute cafe chain called, "Paul." Nice quality pastries and bread. You can also eat lunch there. They have the best quiche,and salad combo. See the lady dressed in white with a white hat? She use to wait on us back when we lived there. I was happy to see her.
I just had to take a photo of this. The entire refrigerated case you see to the left is YOGURT!!!!! Don't you wish we had the same kind of selection??!!
Huge cheese case
Extremely darling children's clothing.
Caitlin found the kinder eggs
Back to Paris......My favorite tea shop

No words for this delectable place....Best Chocolate EVER!
I bought this insulated bag to haul our chocolate back, and I can use it to transport frozen goods later, or maybe more chocolate.

This is what we bought, along with a treat that we could eat right away......
Caitlin and David, eating their yummy treat.
The other heaven in Paris, is Laduree. I usually go to the one on Rue Royal, but I had never been to the one on the Champs de Elysse, so here it is in all it's glory. They don't let you take photos inside, so these are the best we could do.

Caitlin and I had one of these. It is called "St. Honore" named after the patron saint of bakers. YUM!
Bought this cute tote....
and these macarons, let's see if I can remember the flavors....Left stack, top to bottom. Cassis,bittersweet chocolate, caramel avec sel, plain chocolate. Right stack..Pistache,Rose, Vanilla, and last but not least Violette
The following photos are of books that we purchased in Le Bon Marche. Let me just say that I wished they had let me take photos in the store and the "Grand Epicerie," but alas they would not. If you google Le Bon Marche or Grand Epicerie, and hit images, you can see how cool this department store is. Here is a link.
The top book is so adorable,and I'm waiting for someone to have a baby or grandchildren to come along to use it. The one above is a nice cookbook, that has beautiful recipes in it.
After seeing the caravan, where Nicole and Pierre stayed, I found this neat book on them.
This one has some charming home projects,that would be fun to make.
Last but not least, this was my big prize!! I showed you all a while back, the other three that I have from this series. Now this beauty joins them.
It was a long trip, but we discovered new things as well as seeing a lot of changes in our old haunts. Hope you all enjoyed our trip to France and England.
I took a lot of pictures that didn't make the posts, that may crop up at a later time...

We are home for the summer now and celebrating all the June family celebrations. I'll do a post on that next.


  1. the dairy aisle at monoprix is like heaven to me - forget national monuments, i really go to france for the dairy!

    oh, and laduree too! their rose macaroons make me want to cry, they are so good.

    looks like you all had so much fun on this trip.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth...the photos were wonderful, but I loved reading all the neat things about your trip. It will be a holiday to remember I am sure.

  3. Yes I agree Jen, those rose macaroons are to die for!!
    The dairy surpasses ours by a long shot, although the bay area has some pretty good mom and pop stuff.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    All the photos are simply breathtaking. You are so fortunate to travel to Europe! The pictures are just beautiful, the food looks incredible and the shopping...well, I'm speechless with the treasures you found!
    I hope you do have more photos that you will share so I can continue to live vicariously through you. In the meantime I'll get back to reading my travel books and daydream!

    Smiles, Nancy

  5. It looks and sounds all so familiar! I am so happy for you that you could enjoy all these petits bonheurs de France. My turn now :)
    See you later in the Summer!


  6. Lovely treats all of them but oh, those macarons. Pistachio for me , please.

  7. we love yoghurts !! LOL

    I know the books you bought, they're very nice !

    ps : don't you have kinder eggs in the US ?!

  8. oh! such a lovely trip. a couple years ago dh took me to paris for the day (we were in ireland) and it just whetted my appetite for more. so glad you posted these, and that you had such a great trip!