August 15, 2009

I forgot to show you these

I completely forgot to show you these shams that I bought on my trip to Paris. We went to the "Fragonard" boutique,and I fell in love with these little shams.
I think the translation is as follows, I dream of, jewelry, of champagne,of distant voyages,of the forbidden,but most of all to sleep with you. If anyone thinks this is wrong that speaks fluent French, let me know.
The mans pillow says, I dream of beautiful cars, of grand wines, of adventures, of the forbidden,but most of all to sleep with you.
Caitlin bought a pair also, that has words that say J'taime and it makes a heart. Hers is red and white.
Anyway, I thought I'd share these since I think they are pretty unusual.
Next post will be of Caitlin's dress,which turned out pretty darn cute I must say! I need her to model it for me tomorrow. Until then....have a pleasant weekend!


  1. i don't remember, did you go to grasse? i went to fragonard and i thought that was in grasse, not sure though! don't you love touring the perfume factories? i don't even wear perfume but it's fun to go.

    i think the last part of the quote is "of sleeping with you" but i'm not fluent (that would be a hoot) so i could be wrong! ;)

    hope you are having a splendid weekend!

  2. No, I went to Grass last time(2006),but I went to the boutique of Fragonard in Paris. You may be correct about the last part :)

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thos are really pretty pillow cases, perfect for daydreaming!

    please forgive me, but I've tagged you. Come visit my blog!


  4. Hello--
    OOOOOh France, Never been but looks
    like you had fun. Cute shams!!


  5. Hey there! Thanks for your sweet comment! It made my day! Hope you stop by again. :))

  6. Those are such witty French shams...thanks for showing us.

  7. I love them! They are so unique! Awesome find<3