August 18, 2009

Tag your it!

Hi everyone! I had hoped to post a picture of the dress that I finished for Caitlin,but I haven't had a chance to take photos of her in it. Hopefully, today she will carve out a bit of time for me to snap her picture. So, until then, I've been tagged by "Acorn Cottage" for 6 random things about myself. I'll do what I usually do and invite anyone who hasn't done one in a while and wants to tell us more about yourself to play along. Oh, the above picture was taken in Bath England. We were walking to our car, and saw this beautiful sight in the sky.

Six random things:

1. On first glance, you wouldn't know that I'm half Panamanian and speak fluent Spanish.

2. Cooked my first turkey dinner when I was about 9. My mom fell ill on a holiday, and had to instruct me from her sick bed. It turned out pretty good as I recall.

3. I've been sewing for 31 years...and still love it!

4. I get real sad seeing people not be environmentally conscious. For example, using disposable plastic plates at parties in their home, when they could of used real dishes. I would never want to tell my future grandchildren that I was sorry the soil is now toxic with plastic, but I just didn't feel like washing dishes."

5. I love birds! When I was very young I asked for binoculars for Christmas, so I could do some bird watching in my back yard.

6. I once saw a primordial dwarf in San Francisco, and couldn't believe my eyes. She was so adorable and full of life. My oldest daughter , at the time, was about 2 or three,and she towered over her. The little girl was probably not even 20 inches tall. They now have shows on TLC about them,but for years, I could swear that I dreamt the whole thing.


  1. I think we should do this once a month! Just think how much we could learn about each other! We could come up with random what's you six favorite ways to eat chocolate!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Smiles, Nancy

  2. thank you for sharing some new things about yourself. it's nice to get to know you better and cooking a turkey at 9 - wow!

  3. that must have been like seeing a fairy
    the book and tea towels arrived
    thank again.
    my son is instructing me on which one he wants first

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