August 19, 2009

Ta da!

Here is an upclose picture of the dress I just finished. The fabric is Ana Sui.
Here's the whole picture!

This dress was quite and undertaking,as the bodice has flat lining, then regular lining with boning in it. It is a very fitted dress on top,and I had to do quite a bit of alterations, to whittle it down to fit her. She loves it thank goodness! I can see though, why they discontinued carrying the pattern at McCalls. What looks like a simple summer dress, really isn't. I'm sure a lot of people were turned off by all the lining and boning. Next up, something a bit more simple, either an apron or this really cute 1930's sweetheart overalls for Caitlin. Both patterns are from "Decades of style."
Well, I best be off now and get cutting!


  1. Beautiful dress and photo! I love how it mimic's a piano's keyboard! With each twirl, a lovely jingle!

  2. Hi--
    Lovely dress. I like to sew myself but that dress would give reason to run fast! You did a great job!


  3. you really are a maître couturière (i believe that means master seamstress in french). the dress is really beautiful and so is caitlin wearing it!

  4. Hi Elizabeth!
    Congratulations on finishing the dress! It came out so cute and is perfect for Caitlin! She is a perfect model and looks adorable in it! Don't you feel like you just finished climbing Mt. Everest?
    Thanks for sharing!

    Smiles, Nancy

  5. Oh, well done you! It's gorgeous.

  6. Adorable...dress and daughter.

  7. I can't wait to see the finished outfit. Love that 30's design, so romantic.

  8. Congratulations ~ What a beautiful job you did on such a challenging project. I love that dress.

    How fun to have your own darling model to show your fine work with style. (Love the sweet shoes that go with the dress so perfectly!)

    Elizabeth, Take a bow, you did such a GREAT job! xo

  9. woohoo ! just like out of a fine fashion magazine !
    congratulations to you both !!!

  10. What a gorgeous dress, and yes, it sounds like quite an undertaking! Bravo...what a great seamstress you are.
    xo Lidy

  11. What talent you have! Very lovely!