September 7, 2009

Last day to wear white

Here are the finished 1930'3 overalls that I made Caitlin. She will most likely only get to wear them a few more times before the weather turns, but technically today is the last day you can wear white :) Most people don't follow the rules though, and here in sunny California, you could get away with wearing white a bit longer.
I had a few fit issues with this, partly my fault for not checking and rechecking. The bodice is a bit too loose, so Caitlin cleverly found a nice little red flower pin to solve the problem.
Now that I'm finished with this, I will be doing a few other sewing projects that I've been meaning to get done.
Happy labor day everyone!


  1. Every bit as vintage-happy as I imagined them to be. Elizabeth, you do make lovely things. And that you have such an appreciation for days gone by has me further in love with your handiwork!


  2. I love how this turned out Elizabeth ~ and if you hadn't mentioned about the bodice I doubt anyone would have known. It looks like it was meant to be. Very clever of Caitlin!

    And how fun to have your own live model to sew for. Beautiful photos!

  3. I love that retro look. It reminds me of my mother and my aunt when they were young.

  4. very cute! i love that caitlin can easily pull off these [now stylized] vintage looks. i love them, but i always feel awkward and overdressed.

    also, i am still wearing my white shoes, even though it is now past labor day. well, they're natural, but still. :)

  5. She looks so rockabilly in that.
    Great work

  6. you are such a talented seamstress!!

  7. Oh they're awesome, I love them!

  8. The red pin is very clever; I would have never known the difference.

    I love the vintage look you created. Well done!

  9. Oh what a cutie she is!!