September 6, 2009

A little taste of my weekend

Saturday night, we had a lovely dinner with Pierre, Nicole, and Pierre's cousin and boyfriend visiting from France. Pierre's cousin is doing a study abroad program at UCLA, and will start in a week or so. Her boyfriend came with her to see a bit of California. We had a really nice time with them, and we hope she has a wonderful experience in Southern California.
Apologies for this very poor photo, of this very beautiful tart that I bought for dessert. It is from a new bakery, and I was so lucky this was the only one left in the display case. It was so good! By the time I remembered to take a picture of this tasty tart, it was quite dark, so I used a flash, and now you can see my shadow.
Sunday, we went to the Alameda Flea market with some friends and family. Always overwhelming for me, but loads of fun. I ended up buying some fabrics, and I'll share them at another time.
Can you imagine wearing this?!
There was a vendor that was selling these beautiful potted succulents.
This little stall had a western theme going...
This was a fun vendor, selling vintage kitchen goods. I really liked that old coffee pot.

It was very clear and warm out there today, and we only had enough energy to stay a couple of hours. There are 800 vendors there, and I don't think I have ever seen the whole thing in one visit. I usually just wander around until something catches my eye. There are some pretty serious flea market customers there, with their special rolling carts, and they always look like they are on a mission! It was a fun outing, followed by a very nice Sunday lunch with the group.
Hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday weekend.


  1. Hi Karen---

    OOOOOOOO! Looks like fun!!!

    Glad your weekend is going well.
    Enjoy tomorrow.


  2. Hi Elizabeth ~ what a fun weekend. Overwhelming is a good word for it! I feel the same way; I like going to flea markets but can only take them in small doses ~ sensory overload... either that, or I'm getting OLD! No doubt :)

    Can't wait to see your new fabrics and what you will create with them.

    Oh that tart is gorgeous ~ it sounds like that bakery is a jewel of a find. Your family and guest look like they enjoyed another of your fabulous meals. I am so not surprised!