September 2, 2009

I really am working....promise

As evidenced by my mess above, I really am working. I've been absent on here so that I can finish the outfit for Caitlin, and show it to you all, but I've run into a fit problem. All it needs is a bit more altering, then the zipper, and hem. I thought I would get away with not hemming it since it has a scalloped edge, but they ended up being longer that we thought. I decided to do a false cuff, and that way you can still see the pretty scalloped edge.
Here is a little peek, but soon it will be on her and you can get a better look. Perhaps in a couple days, as I have a few things to tend to today.
I just thought I'd make an appearance though, because I miss my blog!


  1. Hi Elizabeth--
    Good to see you again. Does look like you are a busy bee. The little peek piques my interest.
    Can't wait.


  2. Hello Elizabeth! It's going to be beautiful, I know. :)

    You are missed when you are away from blogging, but real life comes first!

    Can't wait to see your beautiful new creation. Brilliant idea to utilize a false cuff so you don't lose that gorgeous intricate scalloped edge.

  3. I feel the same way! I've been working too, but can't show too many peeks! Glad to have a fellow hard worker/can't show on the blog yet! haha!