August 25, 2009

This is where I was last night

Last night we went to see Green Day play in Sacramento. Opening act was the above, whom I really like and was so pleased that they opened!
We were not suppose to take photos, and as a matter of fact I got busted taking the Franz Ferdinand one. The picture above is of lead sing Billie Joe Armstrong taken by by brother in law. He and his friends made it down to the pit and up very close to the stage. This is the second time I have seen them in concert, and they put on one heck of a great show! It was David and Caitlin's first time to see them, they were impressed as much as I was when I first saw them in 2005.
I was amazed once again, with the passion and energy of their concerts. It was a three hour show, with none of them taking a break, except for the encore.
They are local boys from the Bay Area,and cut their teeth so to speak, at the infamous 924 Gilman punk club. Go to the two links provided and see what they are all about. Their home page has some great, professional shots of the concerts; unfortunately the Sacramento pictures are not posted yet. Although I think this picture that my brother in law took was pretty darn good, considering the limitations.

I'm super beat though, and didn't get home until 1:30 am. We lost track of where we parked, and it took forever to locate the car. Poor Caitlin had an 8:00 am class, luckily David stayed home today and was a prince for taking her to school , letting me sleep for another hour.
Next concert hopefully will be my favorite guys (U2) when they decide to come to my neck of the woods, which I think is spring 2010! If Green Day decides to do one more show in the Bay Area, I may go again, they are that good!


  1. Too funny...My son just saw Green Day! I haven't heard of I feel old. There use to be a time when I was on the cutting edge, introducing my kids to teh Red Hot Chili Peppers, now there telling me what's up! Who authorized this?

    Smiles, Nancy

  2. Your kids have the raddest mom EVER.

  3. You "PARTY GIRL" you. Sounds like you had fun!!


  4. Hi Elizabeth!
    How intruiging that Wuthering Heights has already aired Stateside!

    Looks like a fantastic gig, my Godson Will is absoloutely bonkers about Greenday, he will be green with envy!

    Glad you had a good night! And thanks for stopping by,
    :D Sarah x

  5. Oh wow, I would LOVE to see Green Day. Awesome!

  6. I've seen U2 band many times… They have captivated millions of fans worldwide. Last time I got my U2 tickets for their last concert but before I compare prices for free via this (
    The band was up for it from the start...waited along time to catch & It was really a great concert.

  7. you go to the best concerts. i still envy those butterflies you got at the coldplay concert!

  8. Funnn!! :) I bet it was grand too! They have such fun "dance songs." Good beats and fun lyrics! :)

  9. Elizabeth, you won my cookbook giveaway! I am so excited! Can you email me your mailing address?

  10. ACK! Franz F. are my FAVORITE BAND!!!! You lucky duck!!!
    You're so cool. I'm so impressed you went to see green day. I never go to concerts..