October 2, 2009


Before I tell my favorite birthday story. I want to share this lovely prize I won from Liz, over at "Love Those Cupcakes." Everything in the package was so lovely, and I can't wait to use some of the items and also eat some of the items, not pictured, but is at the bottom, is a nice bar of Green&Black organic chocolate. Thank You Liz for such a fun give away :)
The reason for the title of my post is that I would like to share my favorite birthday my husband gave me on my 27th birthday. 20 years ago already!!
First off, my husband is the best gift giver ever! Not only does he remember things you tell him, he will also surprise me with things I thought he would never get.
When I was 27, I was four months pregnant with my second daughter, and feeling a bit tired and bloated from the pregnancy. I knew he was taking me out to dinner, but I had no idea what else he was going to do. The dinner alone was a nice thing, as we were still a young couple with a 4 year old and it was always nice to get dressed up and go out. I got home from work at my usual time and when I walked into our bedroom, there lying on the bed, was this really beautiful black velvet maternity dress with a strand of faux pearls. He had picked this dress out all on his own, and it fit like it was made for me when I tried it on. I couldn't believe it, and I felt and looked so much better after I slipped it on. I no longer felt like a bloated pregnant lady.
The restaurant that we went to was amazing, and to this day remains one of the top restaurants in the Bay Area. The name if it is Masa's. It was a wonderful dinner out, and I'll never forget how he had saved up all summer for this dinner and my gifts, and the thought that went into all of it.
The picture above is the jewelery box that he gave me that evening. The box was special ordered from a store where we had gone to college. He told me that is was made of oak and redwood. The wood signified where where we both grew up and met.
There are other wonderful birthdays that he has done for me, but I have to say that this was my favorite one, where I truly felt special and loved that day.
Sunday we plan to go out to dinner with the whole family here.
If anyone would like to share their most special birthday....I would love to hear it.


  1. Hi Elizabeth--
    Happy 47th! Same age I'll be next month. Seems strange to say I'll be 47.
    Your husband is a keeper and very thoughtful too. Enjoy your day and the family.


  2. That birthday story is lovely and I hope your 47th is just as memorable. So pleased you like the stuff in the (revised!) giveaway.