December 14, 2009

Winter scapes

As much as I adore spring, winter has it's beauty as well. I love the nakedness of all the trees around my home. This tree by far is my favorite. The very lovely fuyu persimmon tree. With it's little fruit dangling like little ornaments. I'm looking for some good recipes for this type of persimmon if anyone as them, please pass them on.
The color is amazing.......

The pomegranate tree is just as beautiful with it's large red globes....the birds have gotten to most of them now, but hey they need some winter treats too, so that's OK.
Look at the little silhouette of the mourning dove.......
perhaps he is contemplating weather to land on this soft mossy roof top.
Muddy leaves everywhere with their autumnal colors still in tact......
I'm busy sewing up a storm, so I have been a bit absent from here. I would love to show all that I have made, but the surprises will be spoiled if I do. I'm really trying to get all the sewing done this week, because I really want to do some baking, and I have many ideas on that front, so I'm excited to start on that.
Is everyone finished with their shopping yet? I'm getting there.
Hope everyone is having a good day, and I'll try and keep things more up to date.


  1. Absolutely divine... I love this winter poetry! The fruit is just like ornaments - only the treasure that lies withing is much more valuable than any glass ornament we could hang on the tree. I still have some shopping, but like you I have sewing too!! xo

  2. It is good to see you. Sounds as if you have been a busy elf!
    The pictures are pretty. The trees have their own ornaments.

    Hope to see more of you .


  3. Elizabeth,
    You have really captured the California Winter! Such gorgeous photos!

  4. the tree ones actually look tim burton-ish, i like them!

  5. oh wow, you have an orchard in your yard. wonderful and i love the detail shots. happy sewing!