December 7, 2009

Red and Green and Snow all Over!!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday to you. This is what we woke up to this morning! SNOW! Now I know most of you from other parts of the world would laugh at this tiny bit of snow, but this is a very unusual site for the San Francisco Bay Area. As I type this, it is starting to melt away, but the hills around where I live, are covered in snow still, and it is very cold out side. So cold in fact, that even that ants are trying to get warm by coming into the kitchen! These wimpy California ants are never happy outside, even in the summer time! Anyway, it felt a lot like December finally, and here are snippets from my holiday decorating.
I found this cute little house and also a church, at good old Target, for a fraction of the price of most of these charming little village houses. They light up too!
My mugs are up......
Quincy got his lights up .......
Nutcrackers standing guard......
Cozy Christmas pillows.....
Stockings are all hung.....
This is the second time I have refilled this dish! I've only eaten four, so where have they all gone??
This was the advent project that I made last month and showed you on another post. It was fun to make and the chocolates fit real nicely inside.

Today I will be working on gifts all day, and I can't really show any of them, for fear that the surprises might get spoiled, so I'll do a show and tell at another date.

Hope everyone is busy with fun projects and getting in the swing of the holidays, I know I am :)


  1. your home looks lovely, especially quincy's lights. that is the cutest thing i've seen so far. the snow is quite something and the little house you found at target is wonderful. your photos are looking very, very pretty. happy wrapping!

  2. Looks very Christmasy at your house. I too love you little house and the church.Hope the wrapping went well.


  3. Snow in San Francisco? That's too incredible for words! I adore the little house you found. The snow on the rooftop reminds me of those great claymation Christmas movies!

  4. i won't make a smart comment about the's been a flurry here for days! i do love the little house and i am very envious that you get to head to target whenever you chose to. i love target! i finally posted btw!

  5. Your house is looking very festive! I love that you decorated the bird cage too. Your Advent banner also looks great on the fireplace. How can you eat just 4? Nerm

  6. I'll admit, I basically ate most of the M&M's!

  7. re: visiting Ontario...
    Fall really is beautiful, but I understand about school.
    Spring break could end up warmish but still getting to enjoy a little snow. There are no bugs then! June means that things are green, the lakes are beautiful, but in the rural areas you will be bothered with our beloved black flies. They might be thinning out by then, but it all depends on the weather.
    We have amazing colour in Muskoka...tourists come from all over the world to see it in Algonquin Park...that would be late Sept going into Oct.
    You would be flying into Toronto I am guessing?
    Keep me posted!

  8. You'll never believe it! I had to go to a party downtown last night, too, and it was raining and freezing cold! The second I got home I jumped into a hot bath and afterward climbed into bed under my electric blanket. And it wasn't even 10 p.m. yet. You would think I was 80-years-old!

  9. Looks very festive! You've done a great job with your decorations and
    I'm sure having a dusting of snow put you in a good mood for getting all your goodies out!

    I'm sure glad Quincy got his decorations up! Very cute!! We have a stocking for our dog, so I understand!


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