February 1, 2010

An Olympian to root for

I love this photo that my niece Jennifer took of her husband Danny, and son Jett. I believe it was taken back in the summer months, and little Jett is now much bigger, and a very active busy boy.
Danny is on the U.S. Olympic Luge team, for the up coming winter games! It will be lots of fun rooting for someone that you actually know. You can read his information here. Click on athletes.
Wish him and his family luck, as they head over to Vancouver soon.

As I mentioned, my camera is in the shop getting looked at, so it has been hard to blog these days when you don't have your trusty camera by your side. I didn't want to go missing for too many days, so now I'm using other pictures and trying to use my husbands point and shoot. I had hoped to post some pictures of my new "Princess and the Pea bed" but it will have to be tomorrow, since I can't quite figure out how to up load the photos with his camera!
I also have a photo of my new chair that I will most likely be sitting in a lot come the end of this month. The actual day of my hip surgery is February 22nd. It's coming up folks, and I have to say that I'm a little terrified/excited about the whole situation. I know I'll be better off, but I'm really not looking forward to the post-op and everything that goes with it. I have a lot of family support, so I'm sure I will get through it.
Sorry about my random thoughts and posts, but better these than nothing at all right?!
Happy February 1st :)


  1. That's a great picture of them. I'll be sure to root for him. I'll be thinking of you that day. Hopefully the healing will go by quickly.
    Happy February. At least we are getting closer to Spring

  2. Congratulations on the Olympian in the family! I hope all goes well for him.

    Looking forward to seeing this new bed of yours!

    Have a great evening


  3. That is so cool you know someone in the Olympics! I dont think I've ever known anyone! And happy February 1st to you too! I will be praying for your surgery!! xo

  4. How exciting to have a family member in the Olympics! I'll be watching.

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  6. i'm looking forward to the olympics and will root for danny. it is nice to 'know' someone. i hope your surgery will go well, but i'm sure your will post before then. it sounds like your camera has had some surgery, itself.