January 25, 2010

A little progress with Quincy

Quincy is making a little bit of progress, with coming out of his cage.
We realized that he loves that plastic yellow ring that he is standing in, so we decided that when we take him out
it has to come out too, or he really isn't much fun. We still are struggling with his inability to be very social with us though, and have come to realize, that is just his personality,and we have to work with it.
We will continue to take him out, and get him use to being around us. Truth be told though, it is so boring when he is out, kinda like watching paint dry. All my other parakeets, loved to explore and at least get on our shoulder and play. You don't know how hard it was to get him on Caitlin's shoulder in this picture!
Peek-a- boo
Doesn't he look like a ghost bird, flying off Caitlin's shoulder?

You will have to pardon the quality of the pictures that will be posted for a while, since my Nikon will have to take trip to get looked at. The shutter has not been releasing when it should, so I have to send it in. I'm using a little point and shoot, and boy can I tell the difference!

This weekend was a laid back affair, with the weather being quite wet. Saturday we had a break, and so we shopped around for a new bed. I'm so excited about this new bed! It will be delivered Friday. Maybe I'll do a post on it, and also the nice chair we got too. These two purchases were mainly for making things a bit more easy on my recovery from hip surgery. Also, we needed a new bed anyway! I'm finally getting my "Princess and the Pea" bed :)
I may never want to leave my house again, with a comfy arm chair and cozy bed!
I'm off now to look for a bed skirt....Pictures soon.


  1. Quincy is soo cute.

    New bed and chair-how fun! Should make your recovery better.
    Looking forward to the pictures.

    Have a great evening.


  2. Maybe Quincy's just shy (not that I know a thing about parakeets). Happy new bed!

  3. quincy is the cutest! glad he's stretching his legs outside of his cage. he'll learn. good luck with your camera - ugh!

  4. At least you got Quincy out...who knows...mayve over time. My MIL got a dog from a pupp mill, very un-solicalized, and she is finally coming around and is making great strides. Don't give up hope yet!
    When is your surgery scheduled?

    Warmly, Nancy

    P.S. Salt in the wound, found out my sister has already "been" to Tyler's cooking store! Humph!

  5. Quincy may not be exciting out and about but he makes up for it in beauty.

    A comfortable bed and chair will speed your recovery. Best wishes for the best outcome.