March 28, 2010

A Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Caitlin's 20th birthday last Thursday. (March 25th) I no longer have any teenagers! I have two daughters in their, I feel really old all of a sudden. The above cake is the one I make every year for Caitlin's birthday, and I had forgotten why I break it up into two days. The batter and the frosting are labor intensive, and it took me from 11:00am to close to 4:00pm to finish this bad boy!I had forgotten that the frosting has a cooked custard that has to cool, and two kinds of chocolates melted and cooled. It is so good though and we still have a bit left over.
The strawberries, as you can see from the above photo, were this years decoration instead of flowers
The batter has two sticks of butter, butter milk,four eggs..........
cocoa powder, I used Valrohna,flour of course, and...........
melted 72% unsweetened chocolate.
The batter is so nice, but I'm not sure if it is captured in this photo that well. This cake did me in! I was home alone when I made it, and there were a few pans and things that were very low, and required me to try out my bending rules. The result was a very sore back the rest of the day. It made me rather mad, that I couldn't just get on with it. In the end though, the cake was just as good as always.
After the cake building, Caitlin returned home with Cyrous, picked me up, and we headed into Oakland to eat here.
We love this place, for it's wood fired pizza, that are the closest to Italy that I have tasted, and just about everything else they make!
Dave's starter, of burrata cheese and greens.
They also have the most amazing bartenders there. Nicole enjoying a sip of Pierre's drink.
The crew minus two of us.
Home for Cake and presents.
Make a wish!!!


  1. My baby girl just turned 20 years old too . . I know how you feel. Great memories but where did the time go. Talking about feeling old ... oh my gosh. The cake looks delicious! First time visitor, enjoyed the posting. Happy Sunday!

  2. Looks like a fun day!
    Hope your back is better.


  3. Chocolate and butter=food for the soul. Your daughters are lovely!

    I wish I lived close enough to have lunch at Whole Foods!!


  4. joyeux anniversaire, jolie Caitlin !

    ps : Nichole looks so so pretty as a brunette !

  5. Belated birthday greetings to Caitlin (whose recipes I'm still cooking). That cake looks so yummy and I bet it was well worth the effort.