March 22, 2010

Has it already been a month!

Hello, everyone!
I can't believe it has already been a month since I limped into the hospital for my surgery. As I type this, I am feeling much better, but I have surely had my days of frustration, and wondering why I decided to do this. Some days, I wonder when the surgery pain will end. Mind you it isn't horrible pain, and I stopped taking the pain killers a week ago. I'm not really even taking any over the counter stuff, but I think I may, as today my back is killing me. I really can't wait to get some water aerobics going again to strengthen my core.
I'm not using the walker as I think I already mentioned, and I can almost get around without the cane in the house. I think by the end of May, I may be able to get rid of the cane altogether. Hopefully sooner.
It sure is tough being in the house all day, especially on these nice days, where you want to get in the car and go see what is going on out in the world.
Sleeping has become much better, I can now lie on my side.
The thing that is freaking me out though, is that every once in a while, I feel something adjusting in the socket area, and I hope to god that it is just muscles that haven't quite tightened up around the new hip joint.
This spring season is truly a renewal for me with a future of being able to do more, and not have to worry about where I park, sit, etc.
I just need to be patient, and let things get stronger.
Today, I'm going to start on my Easter centerpiece project, that I will show you soon.
Hope everyone is enjoying these first days of spring.


  1. It is hard to be patient for so long, especially when there has been pain.
    I feel such a sense of gratitude & wonder that I can now go shopping or swim without any pain after I suffered from my foot for 18 months... You'll be "rewarded" soon for having made this decision.
    Can't you talk about that adjustement issue to a doctor ? (just to be sure)
    These eggs have such pretty colors ! I have a (false) nest in our sitting room for Easter ;)

  2. Continue to be patient with your recovery--see how fast a month went? In no time it will be 2 and 3 and 4 etc. It's hard but it still sounds like things are going the way they are supposed to.

    Good Luck!


  3. So glad to hear that things are progressing'll be a new girl by summer!

  4. Another month will go by quickly before you know it and you'll continue to heal well. I look forward to reading/seeing your Easter centerpiece project.


  5. Elizabeth, hang in there. Spring has gifted us with a few glorious days here in San Mateo, but, we still have cooler days ahead. Wishing you peace and healing.

    Nice eggs too!

  6. Good to hear that you are becoming more ambulatory. Hope you figure out the "differences" you are feeling re adjustments. I have a feeling it's quite natural but would be good to check with your physician. Hmmm, I'm handing out advice that you probably don't need. So, moving right along, can't wait to see what you are up to re Easter projects. I need to get on that bandwagon as well.


  7. Good for you! I live on Advil and Tylenol most days, so to think you have had surgery and aren't taking anything is wonderful. Can't wait to see your centerpiece. I'm doing little nut cup baskets at my house. I'll posr them if they are presentable. LOL!


  8. Elizabeth,
    Soon you will be so glad you had that surgery. And you will be walking all over Paris your next trip!