March 15, 2010

Liberty of London Overload

I bought the trench coat.......
A quilt for Caitlin's bed
These pretty mugs......
This darling little nightie ....
Had to have the dress too!
David bought the shirt, and a different tie than the one above, because that is for Pierre.
Loved this canister too.

So, to say we went a little nuts with Liberty of London, is an understatement! Not pictured are cute boxer shorts too, that David got. Today, Nicole called and asked us to pick up the trench coat for her too, and the dress that went with it. I decided that I would like the dress as well, so David made a trek back to Target and picked one up for her,and for me. Oh, lets not forget that Caitlin got one of the shirts for Cyrous. I think we should all dress up in our Liberty of London duds and take a picture.
I was complaining to a lady in the store that I was mad at the people that came at 8:30, and wiped out the housewares. I'm saying this, as my entire cart is filled with all of the above!
I think we did alright don't you think?!

On another note, I'm starting to walk much better, and I even forgot the cane in the kitchen at one point, as I walked into the living room. Things are getting much better.


  1. I'm so jealous! I gasped when I saw the Target commercial for Liberty of London and I wish I could make it there! I am being induced tomorrow and I have been house bound as of late. I lay around like a big seal on a dock. I'm so happy to hear that you are up and about and recovering well!

  2. Wow, I need to get to Target. Are they going to restock and continue with the line. Or, is this a short-term thing?

  3. P.S. It's amazing how therapeutic shopping can be--both physically and psychologically. Glad you are feeling better. And, I'd like to drink out of the rose-flowered mug please!


  4. Looks like you got a great haul!
    Yes, get that picture--we'd like to see it.
    Glad to hear that you are getting around better! Keep it up.


  5. Super cute! Looks like Walnut Creek did better than the Atlanta store.

  6. goodness, you really scored!! my target did not have any men's shirts or mugs, at least not when i got there!

  7. Ok I wasn't really going to go - so not to tease myself for all the stuff that I know I will want but cannot afford, but that DRESS. I WANT IT. wow. what a stunning piece. And the nightie - in the summer I only wear night dresses to bed. I want them!! sob.

  8. New header is an orchid from my last trip to W.W. Only $15.00 for the beauty.


  9. you did very well, elizabeth. the cups look wonderful. our target was a zoo with most items not even unpacked and everyone circled around the employees like a pack of wolves, including me ;)!

    you've given 'retail therapy' a whole new meaning! step by step you're getting there.

  10. LOVE your finds! You want to know the most depressing thing? I was so hyped up after reading your post that we went there right after lunch on Sunday. I walked in circles around the store, went to every section where the fabulous print flowers and butterflies were hanging from the ceiling and I found...NOTHING. I asked the clerk if I had the wrong day and he said "Oh the trucks haven't brought in everthing yet, so we didn't put anything out." That whooshing sound you might have heard all the way to California on Sunday was ALL of the wind going out of my sails. It gets worse, I haven't even had time to go back and see if the "trucks" finally came in. :0(
    So glad you had a wonderful outing, you deserve it :0)


  11. I love your family ;D
    Excellent scores. I didn't see the trench... lucky!!!!!

  12. Elizabeth,
    I didn't know about Liberty of London at Target! Thanks for the news.

    And I'm glad you're progressing on the mobility.

  13. the clothes look so good on her.

    maybe i should try that dress on.

    *i also got the mug on the left, the umbrella, the rain boots and am thinking about that quilt you got.

    the girls stuff is still my favorite though. i just love little girls things but i think you already know that:)

  14. Double drat! I just arrived home from Whole Foods with no tasty little potatoes. I asked the gentlemen stocking the potato section and he knew what I was talking about but said "we don't have them". Oh well, I got lots of other goodies.

    Have a good week.


  15. Oooh, well done you! I didn't even know about it until it was too late. No chance of me getting anything now. So instead I shall drool over your pictures instead, hee ee!

  16. I LOVE what you bought ! everything !
    and i'm so glad you wee able to go shopping :)
    get well hugs x