March 3, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, I didn't die folks!!
Thought I'd stop by and say hi, and thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.
Recovery is not easy, and sometimes I think about the elderly people that go through this surgery and marvel at how they get through it in their state of health, and advanced age.
One of my worst nightmares for the surgery was to hear them working on me under my anesthetic, and it happened! At one point I heard them hammering in something metal, and a lot of tugging. I think I must have faded out at that time, and later came to again to hear my surgeon talking about the tortilla soup recipe that he made the night before! I asked him the next day if it was he who was talking about the soup recipe, and he was indeed!
I'm bruised and swollen, but every day is getting much better. I will soon be graduating to a cane, which will feel like I have more control.
I'm using this beautiful flickr image, since I don't have anything to photograph on my own. The photographer is Stuart McMullan.

I'm kind of back, and I'm reading all your fun blogs. I will be updating my blog as much as possible, with thoughts of my recovery and things to look forward to like: Did you all see the cool things coming to Target on March 14?? Liberty of London, designed many products for them, from clothing to housewares! I don't care if I'm hobbling, I will be there on that day!!!


  1. i'm SO very glad to hear you are doing well! your comment about the soup was hilarious and, eek, a little scary!

    anyhow, i wish you a speedy recovery. :D


  2. Sounds like you're recovering really well so keep up the good work! Have you considered Arnica for the bruising?

  3. March 14, Liberty of London, Target--great goal. Glad that you are back. Hope that your rehab will have you back into blogging mode (and shopping mode) quickly.


  4. Glad you're heading in the right direction...Target! lol
    That'll motivate any smart woman! Go easy girl!

  5. I just 'met' you a couple of weeks ago and I've been spending hours reading your blog. What a wonderful life you have had! I hope you can get back to it very soon!

    Be well!
    Ruth Ann

  6. shut up !!! we don't have target here ! I don't want to read this LOL

    oh my God ! you were awake ?? you poor little thing, this is a scary thought (I told you i experienced this once). thankfully it is behind you now and you're going to feel better everyday, aren't you ?

    have you ever considered this to help :
    it is very efficient believe me :)

    I'm away for a few days in a mountain resort, but still thinking of you

  7. Oh gosh--I would have been terrified to hear talking if I was supposed to be asleep!!
    Is this "normal?"
    Good luck on your recovery!!!


  8. Hello dear friend!

    So glad you are on the mend. I'm sending lots of well wishes your way for a speedy recovery. Hope your family is waiting on you hand and foot :)


    P.S. Have you seen the darling Peter Rabbit plates from W.S.? Super Cute!

  9. so glad you are back and getting better. who ever thought that using a cane would be a goal we want to achieve ;). i can't believe you woke up during the surgery and to hear them talking about tortilla soup no less. i'm excited about liberty at target, too! slow and steady, elizabeth. you'll get there and be better than ever. enjoy your weekend!

  10. Oh Elizabeth I'm so glad everything went well (terribly strange about the tortilla soup recipe!!!) and glad to have you back at your blog!!! Thanks to Caitlin for keeping us updated too. :)

    Happy Springtime,