March 5, 2010

Things to look forward to

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Isn't this little bunny adorable!! This is my favorite time of year, with all the sweet little bunny images and all things spring. For most parts of the U.S. I'm sure it doesn't quite feel like spring yet, but here in California, it really is starting to take a spring like turn. We are still getting showers, but seeing all the beautiful blossoms out, and all the green, green grass, it feels fresh and sparkly out there.
My physical therapist had me walk outside today with my fancy new cane, and it felt much better than the walker. At least I feel that I'm one step to no assistance.
My PT, makes me feel that it is possible to be up and around, and to get back on track with life. When he doesn't come, I must admit, I go into that dark thought of never being able to get out and do anything again! I really need to shift my thoughts on getting up and around more, and not be a big baby!!
Perhaps on Sunday, I may venture out for a car ride, or some lunch. Monday, it will be the two week mark, and David goes back to work. I'll be alone for most of the day, and I have to start organizing what goals I have for the day, and how I'm going to put my darn pants on all by myself!! I'm able to walk around fairly well,and get dressed, but those darn pants are giving me a bit of trouble.
Caitlin has Fridays off from school, so this morning she did my makeup :) So nice of her to do this for her poor invalid mother. Of course a little bit of paint on the face, makes you feel a bit more put together for the day.
Things I'm looking forward to are: Cooking Easter dinner, and coming up with a center piece for my table. I think I may do a basket from one of the old Martha Stewart Living magazines.
Of course also, my outing to Target, to snag some Liberty of London goodies.
Also, for my swelling to go down so that I can wear normal pants again, and not look like a senior citizen. Because really, folks, the walker and stretchy pants have got to go!!


  1. I'm sure you look so good as well in a skirt, and dresses are so trendy ;)
    It's nice you have your own private coach LOL and Caitlin is an angel, glad to hear you have the support you need.
    I enjoy reading your updates and it sounds you'll be fine real soon...
    Right on time for the Target Liberty Show :P and if you need some Liberty don't forget you can order from REINE's website in Paris (they have the best prices like 21 euros I think) & if they don't ship overseas give them my address & I'll forward to you

    Enjoy your weekend xo

    PS : The rabbit is really adorable but no thank you, we've just adopted two mice !

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I am gld to hear you are up and about, I'm sure that makes yhuo feel great to start having some independence again! Before you know it you'll be skipping rope again in no time! I too have been thinkng about Easter and anxious to celebrate Spring now that the snow is finally melting in Kansas.
    I was so happy when I saw my daffodils poking out of the ground and a red robin. Spring is coming!


  3. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by. Trader Joe's is my "fun" place to shape. My shopping heart belongs to Whole Foods and my local farmers' market. Keep tuned!

  4., make that "shop" not "shape". Well, maybe shape could be appropriate when one considers how many of their wonderful fruit pies I've consumed over the years!!

  5. Elizabeth: Thanks for the information on Trader Joe's. It's the first "bad" I've heard but haven't talked to a lot of people about them. My main interest is cruising the aisles to see what they have different. I also like getting their frozen wild salmon. The bulk of our "bucks" are spent at Whole Foods. We go to the new one (third largest in the country) in the North Ave. area. It is always clean, bright and beautifully laden with everything we need. Everyone is cheerful and helpful. And we usually have a bit to eat in one of their seven restaurant areas. I have been to the Berkeley Bowl as well as to the wonderful farmers' market there. I always have a cup of Blue Bottle coffee and pick up armloads of flowers. I'll bet your dad and I have crossed paths because we are huge supporters of the arts, symphony, library etc. We also hold season tickets to the Chicago Shakespeare theater.

    Hope you get back to Whole Foods soon before they send out a scouting party for you!


  6. Thanks. Not too much information about the B.B. actually. Anything to do with food, I'm there! As for age, well let's say almost retirement for my husband and, for me, I retired at 20-something when my first child was born and have had the luxury of doing many things since then. I loved my job as a legistlative analyst but also loved staying home with my boys. So, I've taught cooking classes, sold real estate, worked in an independent bookstore (where I ended up owing more than I made but loved it), done book talks and book reviews, etc.. And now I enjoy volunteering in various areas and serving on the board of trustees at the library. Alas, I've never lived in France--yet!


  7. Bunnies! I was gust browsing over at D. Blumchen, I want ALL their Easter goodies! I can't wait to see your centerpiece, makes me want to start thinking about mine too. I think I am going to target tomorrow after work, I will look to see if I can spot any of the Liberty of London goodies, I am especially interested in the easter stuff I saw online. Easter is less than a month away! Can you believer it?! Glad to hear that you are starting to brave the world again Elizabeth, your super luxurious bed helps with the relaxing part, no doubt;) xo!

  8. As long as you don't have a fanny pack fastened around your waist and you aren't sporting the sunglasses seniors wear after cataract surgery, I'm sure you do not resemble a senior citizen in any way. Your cane isn't three pronged with tennis balls on the bottom now is it? LOL! You'll be up and around before you know it. Can't wait to see the goodies at Target!


  9. i'm sure you're much better than last week, right? i love that 'liberty' at 'target' is your goal. there's some message there i'm sure. couple more days!

  10. I just had to stop in and say hello! I found you on and had to stop by. I noticed your name over there was Elizabeth Mackey and it happened to catch my eye because my name is Stephanie Mackey.

    HELLO, friend!

    I must say, I do love the name! :)

  11. sounds like you are recovering and i'm sure you will be on your feet in no time and look when you are all better it will be spring and the world will be waiting for you.
    i thought your target comment was funny. i'm looking forward to that this weekend too