April 5, 2010

Our Cold, Wet,Cozy Easter

Hope everyone had a very happy and blessed Easter. Ours was wonderful, apart from it raining all day long! We didn't make it to church this year, because of my hip/back pain. We decided it would be best if we didn't try and push my luck with sitting and kneeling for an hour.(Oh, here are the chicks in their new home)
This is the "Columba" cake. It is an Italian Easter bread, much like the panatone at Christmas time. It was wonderful. It was suppose to be shaped like a dove, but it is a bit distorted after baking.
Candied orange peel, almonds and sugar crystals on the outside....yummy!
It tasted delicious with coffee.......
and the rest of the breakfast.
I decided to go for a playful table this year, loads of color and whimsy.

Don't they look like some kind of ad, where they are selling Champagne or something?! Too funny!
Easter dresses
More unusual posing....
This leg of lamb turned out so good. I used a recipe out of "Fine Cooking" this year. If there are any copies out there still, you must get it, because this was one seriously tasty recipe!! The little potatoes were the ones that I had been talking about in a previous post. So tiny and sweet! I steamed them, tossed them in butter and sea salt.
It was so dark from being rainy all day, that we had to light Mr. Duck.
Cheese course anyone??
This cheesecake recipe was also from "Fine Cooking." So, so good. It had marscapone cheese in it. You should see all the flavor combinations that were in this recipe spread.

Big hug and kiss for my husband, I could not have pulled this dinner off without him, he was the best co-chef anyone could ask for.


  1. I'm drooling !!
    Despite the rain (sorry to hear this -- you mean your Easter weather was worse than ours ?!!!) it looks like you had a wonderful time, and absolutely divine food !
    I love the "unusual posing" picture !
    How are you ? is your hip improving ?
    Thanks so much for sharing all these fun & cheerful colors with us

  2. ps : your panettone looks so perfect !!! and I love it with candied orange - but i can't anymore because of my GF diet... boohoo)

  3. Looking good!
    Sorry to hear that you are still having some pain though.
    A pat on the back for the hubby!


  4. I FOUND THE POTATOES!!!!! Thank you Whole Foods.

    Love the photos of your lovely, silly, vamping girls. We missed the boys and daughters-in-love but had our good friends to brunch. It was a lovely sunny day here.

    I just looked up your lamb recipe in Fine Dining online. I must do it soon.

    Love those little chicks scattered about!


  5. wow, do you see all that you do? your easter would put a person without hip/back pain into the hospital. everything you makes always looks so delicious and lush. love your daughter's hat, too.

  6. It all looks so good and your girls did you proud.

  7. you really know how to put together a wonderful celebration. the pictures of your daughters are my favorite though. so stylish

  8. Everything looks fantastic! The flower basket and chicks turned out great. And I know the food was good! Glad you had a nice Easter.

  9. Ooh, I love it all. Gorgeous napkins, my favorite color and where ever did you get that adorable cup with the ducks??? Too wonderful! Glad you guys had a nice day.


  10. Elizabeth - what a spread. Your Easter table decor was quite lovely, especially the lavender napkins and green mats. And, I can almost taste the pannettone. Indeed it was a very rainy Easter, but an enjoyable one. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  11. We had a ham from Whole Foods so I made potato salad from those potatoes. I steamed them al dente and let them cool enough to handle. I peeled them (every last one of those little buggers) and sliced them into rounds. I dressed them and added chives. Honestly, it was worth the work. The dish was beautiful and delicious.

    My husband went to Costco on Tuesday and came home with a five pound bag of the same potatoes! Joy! Steamed and sprinkled with fleur de sel is in our future.


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  13. Hi Elizabeth! I'm sorry your hip was bothering you ~but WHOA, in spite of it you put on such a beautiful spread for the Easter holiday.

    I'm just sitting here studying every little darling detail ~ what wonderful accessories, and both breakfast and dinner look sublime!

    Your girls are so cute (and fun!)

  14. elizabeth, everything looks divine! oh, it's making me so hungry!

    i do occasionally remember a wet easter now and then growing up in the bay area. i'm always surprised when we actually get april showers here in CA!

    anyway, i hope you are healing up nicely.

  15. Elizabeth,
    What a wonderful Easter table. With your photos and commentary, I feel as though I'm right there taking part in the celebration!