April 15, 2010

Things that are making me happy

This is a total random post for lack of doing anything creative at the moment. I thought I'd share two things that are making me happy. First, this new "Bissell Steam" mop. Since my surgery, I haven't gotten my helpers to mop the floor. Things have been kept tidy and swept, but it hasn't been given a nice clean mopping. I happened to see a commercial for this steam mop, then I did some research on them, to see if they were any good. A lot of customers liked this model, rather than the "Shark" steam mop. We made the plunge and gave it a try. Can I just say, why haven't they invented this a long time ago? No chemicals, just distilled water, and hot steam.
My floors are nice and clean, and I don't have any major bending or dealing with dirty mops etc. Love it, and anyone contemplating one, should give it a try. I even cleaned my tile bathroom floors.
Second, is my brand new Mac lap top!! My husband and I both got one, and now we are having fun with our new toys. What is it about that cute little apple logo?!
I get now, why people are so loyal to their Macs, I kinda fell in love with it when I was using my husbands work lap top. It was time to take another plunge and get one. I'm excited to play with all the picture options. I managed to upload my photos from my Nikon, so easily that I couldn't believe my eyes. I had been having a hard time with our new desk top PC. It just didn't like the Nikon download, and would do all kinds of strange things. My daughter has a Mac, and when I saw how simple it was to up load pictures on it, I was sold!

On the hip front, things are getting much better. I went to my first appointment after the operation, and the x-ray looked good. I'm having a bit of Sciatic nerve pain though, and I'm working with that now. My doctor gave me a prescription for more physical therapy (out patient), and I really wasn't looking forward to it. My first one was yesterday, and as I looked at all the torture tables and machines, I cringed at the thought of what I might have to endure. Well, let me just say, I was so wrong!! They did all kinds of massage on the incision area, and various exercises that really helped. I felt a thousand times better leaving the office. I get to go for up to two times a week for 6 weeks. I may not have to go for the full six weeks, if I already felt that good after one session. Yesterday was the first day that I thought I could be pain free eventually. My next appointment is tomorrow, I can't wait!

I've also been a bit busy helping my oldest daughter with her senior collection. She will graduate from CCA, with a degree in fashion design. I'm doing some of the hand work, on some of the pieces. I did some embroidery, and a marathon session yesterday of hemming a full circle skirt and dress. Full circle garments are so time consuming to hem! I had to take several breaks, so I wouldn't undo all good that the physical therapist did to make me feel better. They were pressed and then rushed to San Francisco by my husband later in the evening.
The fashion show, which will be very professional, will be on May 7th. I'll try and take many photos.
For anyone who loves watching "Project Runway," there have been two alumni from CCA on the show. The latest one was Amy Sarabi. We all wished that she had made it to the final four, but at least she was able to show a collection at Bryant Park. We found pictures of her collection, and it was stunning! I think she would have won.
OK, this post is really getting on the rambling side, so I'll close for today, and maybe next post I'll have a bit more creativity to show.


  1. did you ever think in a million years that a mop could make you so happy? glad you're feeling better and the therapy is good. congratulations to your daughter! and, once you go mac you never go back. have fun with your new toys!

  2. I was just at Target and they have reloaded the Liberty of London in all departments. They are also changing everything around and looking a lot like Walmart. At least how Walmart looked before I boycotted them almost a decade ago.

    Thanks for the "mop" heads up. I'll have to check into them

    Have a good weekend.


  3. i love my macbook too!
    i just had in the tub with me!!!
    glad you are moving forward with recovery.

  4. Love your new "toys."
    Glad to hear that you are getting along well-PT will help you though.
    Good luck to your daughter and looking forward to pictures of the fashion show.
    Have a great evening!