April 17, 2010


Yesterday we attended my darling niece's confirmation. On the way to the ceremony I tried to remember my own, many years ago, when I too was in the 8th grade. I remember it being kind of a serious ceremony, but very spiritual as well.
This is my cutie pie niece Natalia, at the reception afterwards.
Here is little miss Bella on the left, my other darling niece, and as you all know and love, Caitlin.
I am also Natalia's godmother, and pictured is her godfather, Christopher. We were commenting on how it seems just like yesterday that we were both holding Natalia at her baptism!
Congratulations my darling Natalia, on the continuation of your spiritual path.


  1. That colorful potato salad was such a tasty hit that I might even do it again. Today, I steamed some of the potatoes according to your instructions right down to the fleur de sel. Delicious!

    One of "Betty's" brownies and a cup of bella donovan from Blue Bottle was heaven the last time I was in the area.


  2. Natalia is a beauty! This was a special event . . how sweet. That church is beautiful. Have a good Monday!

  3. Looks and sounds like it was a wonderfully memorable occasion for Natalia. And how well are you looking???!!!!!

  4. Congratulations to your beautiful niece! :) Looks like it was a special celebration!