June 21, 2010

Anniversary at Millikin Creek Inn/Spa

We are back from our wonderful stay at Millikin Creek Inn. It was such a nice and very relaxing time, with a couples massage, what's not to love there.
June 18th was our 27th anniversary. Sometimes it seems like when I look back through photos, or memories, that it has been such a long time, but then it seems like it has been a blink of the eye. We have had such a great ride so far!
This year we decided to do a couple days in the Napa Valley, and treat ourselves to a nice Inn/spa. Enjoy the photos, and remember, if you want more detail, click on the photos to enlarge. If you think you may want to take a trip to this Inn, let me know and I can give you more details. It was a wonderful place.


These are facing Millikin Creek

This is the path to our room
Our balcony, just outside the room
Very nice bathroom

I opted out of using this beautiful tub, given my precarious back, but it sure looks like it would have been nice.

Nice fireplace
This is the front of our room
After checking in, we grabbed some water, and did some relaxing out on the lawn.
Dinner the first night was at Bouchon, Thomas Kellar's Bistro, in Yountville.
Very French inside. I ate way too much, and waddled on out!
Next day, we headed off to St. Helena, had a very light lunch here. This restaurant was very delightful and I would love to come back and try more things on the menu.
Very charming color scheme
The little courtyard was so nice, we decided to eat outside
We just had salads, given what we did last night, this was a nice light choice.
This store reminds me of a few shops that I visited in Provence, with mostly regional items, like lavender, soaps, olive oils. This store was an old bank, so this room was located in the old vault.

I love this store, called "Vintage Home," I love these chairs, and I think David does too :)
Love all the old buildings in downtown St. Helena
The trip would not be complete without a visit to Woodhouse chocolates! We purchased the above box.

On our actual anniversary, we went to Meadowood for dinner. Beautiful surroundings!
This is looking up to the restaurant. I have mixed reviews of this place. Sadly there were some very rude customers there, that chose to ruin the ambiance of the place. The food was wonderful, except for one dish, but all in all it was pretty good.
When we returned, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries were waiting for us! David had arranged all of this. I knew I married this man for a reason :) Happy Anniversary to us!
Hope you enjoyed all the photos, tomorrow I'll share pictures of David's birthday dinner, which was yesterday.


  1. So glad you had a nice time. Everything looks fabulous!


  2. Oh my gosh Elizabeth! It is all so romantic! I loved every single picture - you two look so genuinely perfect together. And see!! There are some thoughtful men left on this earth!! Happy Anniversary Elizabeth, xoxoxo

  3. My question? Why did you leave!
    The Inn looks fab!!!!!!! Food looks good too. I'll take a sample of the choclates!

    Happy Anniversary!


  4. You certainly know how to celebrate! I'm wanting to go to the French Laundry and Bouchon! The inn looks divine! The last time we were out, we went to Yountville area and ate at, I think, The Girl and the Fig. For our B&B fix, we went to Monterey and spent a few days at the Jaberwock. It was very nice and we met a number of interesting people. Next time, Napa. Our son successfully completed his Animation Mentor program. Graduation is in August. Who knows where he will end up. To celebrate, his wife planned a surprise dinner for friends from all over at Dona Tomas. It's their "go to" restaurant. I read about Woodhouse candies somewhere recently. That display of soap made me want a collection. Did you purchase some? Loved your photos.


  5. it's so gorgeous there. looks like you two had such a lovely time! happy anniversary too :)

  6. I love your shoes!!!!!!!!!! And the white blouse is pretty awesome too. You have incredible taste, from food to travel and clothes! Very stylish lady.

  7. Thank you everyone for the kind comments.