June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday David!

No, you can't eat the cake yet!
We had a nice birthday celebration for David on Sunday. This year his birthday fell on Father's Day, so it was a double whammy.
David loves Mexican food, so this year I decided to cook up a few recipes out of the Dona Tomas cookbook for him, including the above 'Tres Leches" cake.

The tea light holder is a piece we bought in St. Helena. It is made of a piece of a wine barrel, very nice wood, and stained on the back with wine.
Heirloom tomato gazpacho
Shrimp for tacos
You know these guys!

Make a wish!!
Now you can eat the cake! Happy Birthday sweetheart :)


  1. Happy Birthday to David!
    Looks like it was a great celebration. Shrimp Tacos! YUM!


  2. Happy birthday to David. I do like that tea light. It's perfect for the table. It's always good to see your beautiful girls. I LOVE the hat(s)!!


  3. Belated birthday greetings, David.
    You did a great job (as always), Elizabeth.

  4. I really really <3 your family. Happy birthday to your man!

  5. Glad to see that your trip was a success...and that birthday celebration looks delicious...
    Be sure to watch my little town on the news...G8 is here and it's very exciting...blog to follow!

  6. happy birthday david!

    omg, the food looks so good, elizabeth!!