June 7, 2010

Has it been more than a week?!

Sunday we attended the Indie Mart in San Francisco. It isn't your ordinary craft fair, but more of a hipster/rocker event. Great music played on, and interesting things for sale. Go to the link to read more about it. It was linked up with the bar, pictured above, so you could go in for drinks and food if you wanted.

Caitlin and Nicole, checking out some cute jewelry. We bought a couple items from this booth. I'll do a post tomorrow on it with a link, because we really liked this ladies goods.
We also liked this booth. They were painted vintage suitcases, and purses.
Some of the hipsters there.........

Nicole said that this dog belongs to the bar, and roams in there freely. She kinda had scary eyes, and apparently is deaf. I thought she was cool looking.
After the fair, we went to Hayes street, and wandered around. It was later in the afternoon, so things were starting to close up, but it was nice to stroll that street.
There are lots of cool art walls in and around San Francisco, and they make great back drops for photo ops.

We managed to slip into this store. Miette has another location in the ferry building, that sells all baked goods, but this location sells mostly candy. Really beautiful inside, with "eye candy" big time!

On a different topic, I had hoped to do some posts on my sewing this past week, but my chair needed to be returned, and I'm still waiting for it. I think today, I will get the cutting done, so I can get sewing the minute I get the chair back. I'm really excited to cut out the Liberty shirt.
Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like everyone had fun. That
    candy store looked like fun too!
    Hope all is well with you.


  2. Looks like a lot of fun! And what a great little shop! And I am trying not to be envious of Caitlin's hair. I want long hair again!

  3. It is all awesome! You girls are so adorable! That shop is marvelous - I wish we had more shops like this in San Diego. And the undies!!! I want them!

  4. miette looks like my kind of store and your daughters are so stylish. looking forward to your liberty shirt!

  5. What a fun post this was! It seems like you're getting around really well. How close are you to being at close to your old self?