July 21, 2010

"Kean," and a little bit of dinner

Last night we had a little dinner and saw a concert, at the newly renovated Fox Theater. I had been wanting to go to a concert here for some time now, and we decided to check it out last night. "Kean" was in town, along with support acts, Fran Healy of "Travis," and Ingrid Michaelson.

Before we headed off to the show, we had dinner at "Flora," across the street. If you click on the picture above, you can see the theater across the street. I really love this restaurant because of the atmosphere and the innovative menu.
The restaurant, use to be an old flower shop way back when, hence the name "Flora," and there are many nice art deco touches through out the place.

You know these guys, they decided to join us.
They have a great cocktail list, and while I don't normally drink cocktails, I had to try one here.

Caitlin and I shared this very good appetizer, of heirloom tomatoes, bacon, and a mousseline of egg. Very good!!!
Acme bread....always good!
Cyrous had the Halibut, with zucchini blossoms.
David and Caitlin had more of a vegetarian dish. It has a pave of yukon gold potatoes, that is in the center of the plate, with a poached egg, and other things I can't remember. The pave was the coolest, because of how all the very thin layers of potatoes, were perfectly cooked.
I had poached, then roasted chicken. It was melt in your mouth moist. It included wild mushrooms, spinach, and baby turnips.
Caitlin and Cyrous shared a piece of angel food cake with berries.
I had an affogato. A scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso.
David had the caramel pudding with sea salt. This was amazing by the way!
Off to the concert. By the time we got in, the lights were a bit dim, so the photos aren't as clear as they could be. The details are gorgeous, and I can't wait to go back.

There is old Fran Healy, of "Travis."
Ingrid Michaelson

This was near to the stage on the bottom floor, very cool, and perhaps next time I will roam down there.
Fun night out all in all!


  1. what a day ! wish i could have joined.
    ... such fine food (caramel & sea salt mmmh) & did Keane play somewhere only we know ? that's my favorite & one that keeps playing here in France... you lucky, your area has such amazing music venues !
    the theater is so nicely restored !

  2. Eggs with dinner! Rad!

    You guys have some seriously awesome taste. I love the time I spend "eating out" with the Mackeys:) Virtual style:)

    And I have to add that I have never tried Caramel pudding. But I must!! Sea salt and caramel is one of my favorite combinations.

  3. First the library--now a beautiful
    old theatre and restaurant.
    Looks like great fun!
    What's next on the social calendar??? :) Can't wait to find out.


  4. Looks like a great night! I love Ingrid Michaelson.

  5. Flora is on my to-eat-at list as of right now! That salad of heirloom tomatoes is perfection. Everything looks delicious including your cocktail. Wonderful theater.

    Did I mention that Adam successfully finished his animation school? It was a long eighteen months, especially with working as well. He's now in S.D. at Comcon and will go from there to L.A. for an animation convention. Lots of networking going on. I know they'd like to stay in the area so we'll see. They need to be there for awhile longer so I can get to all those restaurants!!


  6. caramel and a concert...mmm. well that sounds like a perfect day right there!

  7. Wow!
    And how was it on a concert?
    How they sound live?
    We share the same taste for music!
    Ivana from zagreb (Croatia)

    P.S. Love the library!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. everything looks great! the restaurant, the food, your family and you! sounds like you're feeling good. the concert sounds terrific, i love the line-up - lucky you!

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