August 18, 2010

Housekeeping tip for the day

Does your stainless steel iron look like this? It usually builds up before I know it, and when you start to iron something, usually white, it gets all over your clothing. Well, here is my tip for the day.
Buy this stuff. Bar Keepers Friend really is a friend indeed! I have cleaned even my Simplex tea kettle with this stuff, and it looks as shinny as the one in the link after 10 years. All you need to do is sprinkle a little bit of this on a damp paper towel to make a paste of sorts, then rub away.......
and voila! This took me all of one minute to do. I then give it a quick rinse with another damp paper towel. To make sure nothing is lurking, I turn it on, and iron a scrap cloth. I love this stuff!
On another note, I have been able to get into the sewing room these past couple of days, and I'm hard at work on this Tracy Reese pattern. So far, I am loving how the fabric is working with this pattern. When I read the reviews on "Pattern," many ladies did not like the low neckline and decided to raise it. I decided it didn't look right, after seeing some of the photos, so I chose not to alter it. I will most likely wear a lacy camisole with it instead. There are a lot of nice finishes in this pattern, like French seams and invisible zippers, but they all take some time to do. As you can see from the above, there are 61 steps to this pattern. I am on #18!
This is how far I am today. Hopefully I will be able to join the top to the bottom and be closer to finishing it up by the end of the week. I'm a pretty quick sewer, but like I said, 61 steps people.......If you want it to look right, you have to really take the time, and have patience with this one.
This dress will most likely be my last summer sewing project, since here in northern California, it never really got hot this year. I'm feeling more inspired to start on fall/winter stuff now.
I have been having fun recently putting my fall wardrobe together, and did a little shopping. I'll share some of my finds in another post. Now, I have to get back in that room and start on step 19!


  1. you are very brave. 61 steps would scare the heck out of me! go, go, go!...cheering you to the finish!

  2. thanks for the great tip and i agree with leanne, 61 steps - oy! you are one determined lady.

  3. I made it to step #29 before my back started reminding me to not sit so long! I think I just finished the hardest part though, so the rest is clear sailing.....just time consuming because of the French seams and the invisible zipper.

  4. Super tip and I'm glad YOU are tackling 61 steps! Can't wait to
    see the end result.


  5. That's a well timed tip as some horrible looking black stuff has appeared on the bottom of the iron (after the Boy here pressed a pair of trousers).
    I'd love to be able to produce gorgeous clothes like you do but I have no idea what a French seam is!

  6. 61 steps? a.k.a." Got Excedrin ?"
    It IS looking awesome, though, and I can't get enough of that voile. It is going to feel soooo nice on.
    I needed that tip on the iron. I will do it first thing in the morning. It is so thoughtful of you to post about it ... I need EVERY tip I can get. Carolina