August 29, 2010

Simplicity blouse

Tomorrow I will be cutting the sleeveless version of this pattern. I want to be able to wear this with a black velvet jacket that I have.
If you look on my archives, I made a top for Caitlin a while back out of this very same Anna Sui fabric, only hers was green and white. I happened to see this version on clearance, as well as the purple version as well. I just loved this fabric so much, that I ended up buying a couple yards of both the black and the purple. It is silk chiffon, and the first time I sewed it, I was a bit terrified that my sewing machine would chew it up for some reason. My fears were unfounded, and it was a dream to sew. I hope this little top comes out the way I'm hoping it will.
Thank you for all the nice compliments on my dress. Caitlin took some shots of me in it.


  1. Beautiful! I love the bodice and the back and all of it. The style and colors are very flattering. I LOVE that Anna Sui fabric too.


  2. Looking good!
    Can't wait to see the next project!
    New hairstyle? Love it.


  3. I love it! And that Anna Sui fabric is fantastic!

  4. Very pretty Elizabeth....great modeling skills also!

  5. i love the dress on you, you've done such a wonderful job! the print is so pretty too.

    and i love that anna sui fabric! the blouse will be lovely i'm sure.

    here's to getting things done! ;)

  6. you look beautiful in the dress and your own best model!

  7. You look great- the pattern is just perfect with the fabric !!!