September 16, 2010

This is what I have been doing

Why did this blouse take so long?! It seemed like I kept having to do a million and one things before I could get to the sewing room to finish it. Yesterday I finally sewed on the buttons!
The jacket I plan to wear this with, because I would never go bare armed with it, is at the cleaners, so the minute it comes back, I may take a photo of me in it. The way things have been going though, I really don't know when I will stop spinning around to have time to do this, so I can't promise it will be that soon.
Next up, cutting into this wonderful Italian wool to make ................................
this coat. I know it is pretty bright, but it won't be my main coat. I plan to only wear it when I'm in the mood for a shot of color. This coat has no lining, and has raglan sleeves, so it should come together pretty easily; said the person who thought the above blouse would be a quick sew up. Before I cut into this lovely wool , I will first do a non garment project, that I have been meaning to make. I'll surprise you, and just post it when I'm done.
Since it is now turning seasons, I decided some butternut squash,chicken, ricotta raviolis were in order. Ever since I bought my kitchen aid pasta attachment, I have been loving how easy it is to make fresh pasta right before dinner. The filling was made up by me. I roasted some butternut squash, then mixed it with cooked ground chicken and ricotta. Seasoned with a bit of thyme. I decided to make them on the lighter side, so I didn't make a sauce for them, instead I used chicken broth. I really liked how you could really taste the flavors in the filling, because of the broth being not so over powering.
Even though I made all of these........
I still had a lot of filling left over, perhaps I could use it as a spread? I just didn't have the heart to toss it.
I've gotten my cooking groove back, since summer is now leaving us. I'm not too great at grilling and making summer dishes. I'm one of those, who comes to life in the fall months.
What have you been cooking and sewing???


  1. The blouse came out great. Looking forward to seeing the coat.
    No sewing at this time and regular old cooking going on here.


  2. That ravioli sounds delicious. I've never had the patience to make homemade pasta.

  3. Love the blouse, very pretty. And the coat, oh my, one of my favorite colors! That fabric color will make a gorgeous coat. The raviolis look yummy. I always have the same problem of having left over filling. So annoying. I think last time, I used the extra in a calzone. Have a great day!


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  5. Oh, that coat looks so nice. I like the color you chose as well. Did you purchase the wool online or at a store?
    Happy weekend to you

  6. that blouse is awesome! And the idea for the coat, looks amazing as well. I've been slowroasting tomatoes lately. And making simple re-usable sandwich bags. Nothing fancy, more practical.

  7. I really like the fabric in the blouse as well as the design. And, the coat is wonderful--or will be. Even though we have cold winters, I've never gotten used to a heavy wool coat or, heaven forbid, one of those "doughboy looking" coats. And the fabric color for the coat is just plain "happy".


  8. i love that coat you're about to embark on!! please tell me what book you found the pattern in?

    looking through your photos i see that you are a wonderful seamstress! do you use a serger? if so , what brand? i'm thinking of buying one but wanted to do a little research first.

  9. i'm not a summer cooking kind of lady either. salads are about as far as i go. that blouse is beautiful -- totally anthropologie. in fact i have one similar to it that i bought there years ago and wore nonstop until i started having babies and stopped being able to button size four things around me. you make me want to learn to sew. :)

  10. the blouse is beautiful! it looks very complicated to make. i love the coat to be, can't wait to see it.:)

    butternut squash is just so good. i would have probably just eaten the extra filling out of the bowl, then be too full to eat dinner. ;) i like the broth idea; sometimes i really love eating some simple b/c like you said, you can really taste flavors (instead of just sauce. although i love a good sauce!)

  11. It is 11:27 am taking a break from math ... I am starving ... do I need to be teased this way? That pasta looks scrumptious.
    I love the coat in the Sew Serendipity book. I will be watching to see if it comes together as easily as you say. I think the blouse turned out fantastic - your skills are sick! Wish I had never seen the pasta. Carolina

  12. I love this! And I love the picture of that coat - at first glance I thought it was Caitlyn :) I would agree with you on the cooking. I have never been the one to man the grill, so my cooking generally has to do with the stove and the oven. I got a book Saturday on salads from my library, so I have been learning all about oils and such... very fascinating. Now I know if I am ever in italy and am presented at dinner with a bowl lettuce, salt, vinegar and oil, the order goes salt, oil, then vinegar. Who knew? Maybe I wont look like such a tourist (ha).

    I haven't been cooking anything too spectacular, but I did make peach scones last week. You know when you put scones in a bag or container, they get a little soft? Before eating the leftovers I tossed them in the toaster oven to get them back to their baked glory - I will never eat leftover scones another way again!

    Sorry I am so missing from our bogging world, we are trying to get our family CSA off the ground and I needed to hold off blogging so I can focus my time and energy. I will be back! I could never give it up.

  13. This post has all kinds of goodness! I love the shirt! I want to make the jacket! And I want to eat the pasta!

  14. Yummy! Delicious looking treats!! :) You've been busy!