September 7, 2010

My cheater cassoulet

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We relaxed and did pretty much nothing! I did work on my blouse, and I'm almost finished. I keep getting pulled away from my sewing room to do other odds and ends, and what is a really easy pattern, is taking me longer than normal.
While most people were having cookouts and eating grilled type food for the holidays, I decided to make my cheater cassoulet. By cheater, I mean that it doesn't have all the true ingredients that a traditional cassoulet has. This one has pork loin and turkey kielbasa instead of duck confit, and Toulouse sausage. It also doesn't take hours and hours to make, only three or so. If anyone really wants this recipe, I will pass it on, but it is quite long so I'm being lazy and not posting it.
The above photo was some bruschetta that I made for an appetizer, while we were waiting for the cassoulet to cook. Cyrous, brought over some beautiful tomatoes from his garden, and they were begging to be turned into these little gems. Sorry for the poor lighting quality in this photo.
Stage one of the cassoulet, done on the stove top......
After an hour in the oven, you had to take a portion out, and blend it up to thicken it up a bit. Then.....
bread crumbs were added and this is what it looked like after 45 more minutes in the oven. Tasty!!
You have to click on this photo to see the adorable little quail family that was out in the front yard. I can't get enough of seeing these cuties. This evening, they were out in the back yard again. The baby in the picture is taking a dust bath. So CUTE!


  1. Please send me some.... one of my favourite foods in the world.

  2. Those bruschetta look very moreish. (Being a vegetarian I'll pass on the cassoulet). The baby quail is so sweet. We're not seeing many birds at all visiting our garden. Maybe having two stalking cats has something to do with it!

  3. I could eat that entire plate of bruschetta! The quail family is so cute. My family raised quail when I was little and it was my job to climb in the pens to collect all the eggs for incubation. I loved all the babies!

  4. Looking good!
    What a cute little family.


  5. Cassoulet for Labor Day sounds (and looks) delicious. I have done it the classic way and spent the next day cleaning up the grease in the kitchen. I, too, have a recipe for a simpler version that will soon be bubbling away if our much cooler weather continues. At least it was fairly cool for the visit from our Bay area boy!!

    Try the dip. It is delicious, low in calories and chock full of healthy ingredients. I've also made it with yellow peppers. My husband doesn't like green peppers but I think they would be good as well.


  6. you really make such a lovely home. love your dahlias and everything you said about flowers on our blog, today. the cassoulet looks divine and i'm looking forward to seeing your new blouse.

  7. Elizabeth, It all looks fabulous, and I had to giggle-- I'm the same way with summer holidays-- I rarely cook traditional foods, something from another culture always finds its way to the menu.

    I won't ask you to post or share the recipe, but I would LOVE to have it. ;0) Is something similar online somewhere? I'll go look!

    Gosh, those quail are DARLING! Lucky you!! We almost bought some quail chicks this spring (but we were up to our ankles with baby chickens.) Maybe next spring... I would love to see them scurrying about the property.

    Summertime house guests have been keeping me busy... I see I have a lot to catch up on. Fun! I'll be back. Hope you are mending well. xo

  8. thank you for your comment on my blog! made me smile :)

    ps. can i come over and eat at your house?? all those pictures made me drool. haha :)

  9. Elizabeth, you need to open a restaurant. There isn't anything you make that doesn't look worthy of serving in a brasserie. Kudos!


    P.S. Harleigh is four hours away and was home this weekend for, well, not nearly long enough. She's loving school and called me when she got back to Statesboro to say that she was glad to get back to her routine.

  10. Hi Elizabeth - It was so good to see your comment when I logged on this morning. It has been a busy day here, as usual, but your comment buoyed me throughout the day. You will see more postings coming. It really meant a lot to me that you said you had been checking the blog regularly. It makes me feel like a creative connection, a part of me, is living all the way in California. I'll keep in touch. Carolina