October 22, 2010

Quiet moments of the day

I'm usually up around 7:30 am. I love how everything is quiet for the first few moments before the rhythm of the morning begins. I make coffee, and then my darling little parakeet starts chirping to the sound of the water, and when I shake out the cereal. I think he lives for this moment, because he seems the most happiest.....Then the Today show gets turned on, and I'm usually cozy on my chair with my yogurt and granola tuning into the goings on of the day. The quiet moment is broken.

There is studying going on here, on a Saturday afternoon. Quiet please.............
Remember studying on a Saturday afternoon, when the weather was grey, and your house was cozy and quiet. Those were good memories for me, it just seemed like there were no distractions on a day like this.
What are your favorite stolen quiet moments?


  1. I like reading on a rainy Saturday with a big sweatshirt on, warm socks, a blanket, and a sandwich. It can be quiet, believe it or not, even with my siblings in the house :)


  2. Oh, I loved reading this post!

    Morning quiet times are always the best. Getting up to make the coffee, and then getting back in bed to snuggle with Manley while the water is boiling :)

    The quiet moment just before dawn breaks, when I'm reading by candlelight. Right before the street below gets busy.

    Sometimes, especially down here in the South when afternoon thunderstorms roll in on a daily basis, there is a beautiful quiet moment around 4 pm...when the clouds start darkening everything. If you are one for..say...an afternoon nap...it's a beautiful time for it.


  3. Napping, reading a good book, finding a spot for quiet thinking.

    Happy Sunday.


  4. I like those weekend mornings when I'm first one up and drinking my favourite green tea, contemplating the day ahead. But I also enjoy being the last one to go to bed, listening to the house settling down for the night.

  5. My favorite stolen quiet moments are when I sit up in bed and read, long after my husband has fallen asleep next to me. I usually have a cat or two snoring softly at my feet, and have the covers pulled up as high as they can go. Last night I got some time to read like this, and wouldn't know know I enjoyed a cup of tea out of the very same liberty mug you have in your picture! Bliss!

    Beautiful post...

  6. I hope your studying is going well. I'm working on some courses these days, too and a cup of tea is usually at hand.
    Your chanterelle, barley pilaf sounds wonderful!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.